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No, the litter box is for company. -Furbabies #FreshAndLight

Confession: I live with 5 furbabies, 1 toddler, and 1 man child.

Five furry children who insist on wrapping themselves around my ankles as the toddler swings from my neck, and the man child is demanding dinner. Five furballs starving for attention when all I want to do is lock myself in the closet and drink wine. Five mini heaters who keep my feet warm by crawling under the covers, acting as my get out of cuddling card because you all know I DO NOT cuddle with humans, just furbabies. <Insert Awwww>


When furbabies attack- Bandit the long haired black and white cat #FreshAndLight

“What do you mean daddy-o went to a conference without cleaning our litter box? Doesn’t he realize our other human is lazy beyond belief?”

It’s true, Michael got caught up in his work conference and didn’t clean the litter box LIKE HE ALWAYS DOES! I don’t have time to walk all the way to the basement, clean their litter box, AND bring the dirty litter upstairs! What was he thinking?

He wasn’t thinking. Not even a little bit because what happened next is scary.

When furbabies attack- Snowball the pure white cat #FreshAndLight

“Oh, it’s on. The corner of the family room… litter box. The rugs in the bathroom… litter box. That’ll teach him a lesson!”

What happens when the human at home doesn’t know the human at a conference didn’t clean the litter box? The furbabies revolt! And revolt they did! Oh man was it an epic battle between carpet cleaner and cats! So, I did the unthinkable. I grabbed 30 pounds of litter, set my toddler in front of the iPad, and made the trek downstairs. I know I have guns but it didn’t even feel like 30 pounds of litter. Have I become immune to weight because I have a 40 pound free weight hanging on me at all times?


Or could it be due to the fact Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light is up to 25 percent lighter than other scoopable clay litters. You be the judge.

When furbabies attack, clean their litter box with Cat's Pride Fresh & Light litter

Did you know- Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light is the only litter recommended by the American Humane Association.

  • Step 1- Clear out the mountains of feces and oh so delightful urine. (Commentary from this moment in time has been turned off in an effort to maintain professionalism.)
  • Step 2- Inhale copious amounts of litter dust from filling the boxes back up with new litter. (Ummm… this step didn’t happen. I know I haven’t changed the litter in ages but I swear a dust storm and new litter were a hand in hand sort of thing. Weird but I’ll take it.)
  • Step 3- Carry the bag of cat presents upstairs and pray it doesn’t break open. (Please refer back to the commentary from step 1.)
  • Step 4- Curse your man child spouse out over the interwebz because he is in the middle of statistics.

That, folks, is how a diva cleans the litter boxes!

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