The time has come for me to share my first Guardians of the Galaxy party idea- Gamora cupcakes with orb cupcake toppers! Hooray!

Well… if party planning or nerdy things get you off, that is. Or maybe you are experiencing a double whammy of pleasure? I do enjoy doubling your pleasure whenever the opportunity presents itself. Honest.

Start by adding green food coloring to some white cake mix. Yeah, what of my box mix? Homie ain’t ashamed. The only thing I was bummed about was having to use Betty Crocker instead of Duncan Hines because Target doesn’t carry Duncan Hines.

I know, right? What kind of store does that?

Next I used my Wilton Decorator Plus to add black frosting with the star tip. Black, not purple. I know there are plenty of online images floating around the interwebz where it looks like Gamora has purple hair, but she doesn’t. Buy an action figure. Watch the movie. Her hair is more like a dark brown/black with red ends.

Which is why I bought this red color mist. I thought it would be fun to spray a hint of red on the cupcakes since her hair has a bit of red in it. Clever? Sure. Did it get me in trouble? Abso-fucking-lutely! I didn’t put anything down when I was touching up the red tips and sprayed the counter red. My bad.


To make the orb cupcake toppers for the Gamora cupcakes, sponge black sparkle gel onto silver gumballs

The orb cupcake toppers almost didn’t happen. I had no freaking idea what I was going to use until I was cleaning up my cookie party and realized gumballs look a lot like the orb. You know, the orb? The entire reason the Guardians get together? Well… outside of Ronan being a jerk.

I had some black sparkle gel in the cupboard so I thought I would give the gumballs a quick sponge to see what would happen. I hate the sparkle gel for 99% of the reasons I purchased it for so I wasn’t holding my breath. I left them in cupcake tins to dry overnight (the stuff takes eons to dry) and moved on to something worthwhile.

I sure as hell wasn’t expecting to wake up to epic little orbs! Watch the movie, dudes. It’s like I knew this would work from the beginning. Yep. No wishful thinking from this party planner…

Yeah right.


Gamora cupcake with orb cupcake topper tutorial

Also, I want to point out infinity stones! I was going to make sugar cookies with purple frosting, but… uhhh… I didn’t have enough time. You should totally make cookies if you don’t feel like blowing wads of cash on Jordan Almonds. You know, because Target only sells tiny bags full of MULTI-COLORED Jordan Almonds so you buy 5 billion tiny bags. Eff me.

Note: I wrapped the coolest Comic Duct Tape around my water bottles and my bestie made a dancing Groot!


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