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Getting My Ba Donk a Donk Back

It’s week 5 of healthy living and my weight loss journey hasn’t been good if you are looking at the scale. If you are looking at my ba donk a donk then you might say this weight loss journey is going very well! Did you know men use the phrase ‘mom butt’ when talking about a backside that you can’t tell where the butt and thigh meet? When did mom butt become a thing? I get that you can kiss your perky breasts goodbye, but what does a kid have to do with my salt shaker?

In case you can’t listen to how I’m getting my ba donk a donk back

This is how we spend our mornings. Glamorous, right? We eat one booger for every apple slice to ensure we get our daily requirement of green stuff. Who needs apples and peanut butter when you have apples and boogers? You won’t ever be able to look at an apple the same way.

Confession- I’m addicted to Goldfish. I love them. I eat them when I’m not hungry because I love them. I love the salty goodness that comes with a Goldfish, and I never say I love the salty goodness that comes with anything. I eat them when I’m working late at night and tired because they keep me awake until I get my second wind. It’s a really bad habit.

I have an inkling that my lard ass isn’t losing weight because of these delightful fishies. I know I need to stop eating them. You see, they creep into the house because we buy them for Michael. He loves them. What kid doesn’t like Goldfish? What human being doesn’t like Goldfish? Those of us trying to get our ba donk a donk in tip top shape!

I hope your scale is going the opposite of mine!

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