Here is a simple recipe for baked parmesan fries

They say pregnancy cravings are one way to tell what the sex of your baby will be. Except… there are no studies that tells you what happens when you don’t crave a darn thing. Like, nadda. Does that mean I am brewing up a mighty fine invisible baby? Could it be the next Superman? Who knows.

And then it hit me.

I had a craving for baked parmesan fries! The type of craving I had no recipe for, but I had to have it IMMEDIATELY. (Similar to pickles and doughnuts at 3am.) Which sent me to the kitchen to evaluate my ingredients situation before waddling around figuring out my oh-so-crispy, perfectly tasty, gluten free fries. Consider it pregnancy craving fate. I was meant to inhale these fries during Michael’s nap that day.

You know, because you don’t have to share delicious food if they are out and about roaming dreamland.

Recipe for baked parmesan fries


A lady should never share the intimate details surrounding food consumption, but I never once said I was a lady, did I? Au contraire, mon ami! I pillaged half of this batch by the time Michael got home from work and it was wonderful. Sorry, not sorry.

Now that there is a rumbling in your tummy, I should mention that I made these baked parmesan fries for Great Day Farms because I’m one of their bloggers. Meaning… you have to head over there for the full recipe. I know, I know, you hate clicking a bajillion times. This time, though, it’s totally worth the click.

Also, don’t forget to add delicious eggs from Great Day Farms to your Walmart shopping list! You know you wanna.

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