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Going upnorth to spend time fishing with grandpa

Going upnorth is a bit of a Michigan thing and evokes a feeling of nostalgia when ‘going upnorth‘ is paired with ‘one last time’. You see, ‘one last time’ means school is starting and the weather is about to take a turn for the worse. One last time means you have to start going to bed at a decent hour and your grandparents aren’t around to spoil the heck out of you. This coming weekend we are going upnorth for our one last time…

Going upnorth means napping with grandpa on the couch

This year was a big milestone year for the cabin. This year Michael learned how to sleep outside of his crib; he realized how much he enjoys wiping his rear on the toilet; and even helped grandpa catch a fish. The special moments Michael spends with his grandparents are included in the handful of moments that provokes emotion out of me. Seeing Michael interact with his grandparents overwhelms my heart with joy because every child deserves that special bond.

It turns out Leah likes going upnorth just as much as the rest of us

Let’s not forget about little Leah! I’m willing to go out on a limb and say Leah had a lot of fun going upnorth because her older cousin likes to feed her big people food and hug her brains out. Michael absolutely adores Leah! Leah wasn’t a huge fan of the boat ride but I can’t blame her because proper vests for children don’t provide a ton of wiggle room when you are a chubby baby.

Michael's second time going upnorth and he helped grandpa catch a fish!


Going upnorth means catching your first fish! Michael was terrified of the fish but it still counts as his first one. He definitely preferred using the net and driving the boat (honking the horn) to touching the slimy creature attached to the end of the pole.

I never thought going upnorth would mean Michael would start sleeping in a big boy bed

And that folks explains why kids enjoy going upnorth with their grandparents more than hanging out with their parents doing yard work at home.

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