How many different party decorations can I make with food?

As many colors as there are in the rainbow of course! I have my go to vases for my decorations. I will buy foods that fit the theme and Viola! I get some pretty odd combinations but they seem to work. Have you checked out my lemon decorations yet? I needed something to accent my grilling photo shoot and I had a brilliant idea to use my leftover limes and garlic scapes! You see, my grilling photo shoot was all high fashion so I needed something quirky and yet something that matched my theme. ?

No not really but the thought of Tyra Banks walking the runway with a vase full of limes was funny in my head. I honestly don’t understand why my brain puts together the sentences that it does sometimes.

So what is a garlic scape? 

When you grow garlic this shoot comes out of it that looks like a green stem. It sort of curls up and you need to cut back the flowers on it, like dead heading, or your garlic heads won’t grow as big because it is sharing the nutrients with the flowers. Thank you Google!

Limes are hella cheap and in an effort not to throw them away, I tossed them in the freezer so I can use the zest later on. Now if I could only find my zester! The garlic scapes were free for me because I happen to have the garlic man connection. I can’t imagine that you couldn’t find some cheap food to use in a decoration and then use it again as food. I have a weird obsession with garlic so I visit my dealer when I need my garlic scape fix.

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