Groot cupcakes for a Guardians of the Galaxy party #OwnTheGalaxy #ad

Groot cupcake tutorial for a Guardians of the Galaxy party

I am so proud of these effers! For real. Like, I wanted to share my Groot cupcakes right after the Guardians of the Galaxy party but I had to transform my house into a winter wonderland for Christmas. And put up 2 trees. And put up 10 tubs of decorations. And spend time with my family. And sleep. And work my ass off so I could take January sort of off to plan my mom’s birthday party. And make a deal with my growing fetus to refrain from playing with my cervix until after the party.


And since I don’t want it to come early, it will. It always does the opposite of what I tell it to do. Roll over so the tech can see your brain. Get out of my ribs. Rub my back from the inside. You know, all of the important things. I said I wanted to birth a toddler and, I shit you not, this one is a spunky little S-O-B.

Whoa! I thought this was a tutorial for badass Groot cupcakes?

How to make Groot cupcakes for a Guardians of the Galaxy party

I totally failed on the visual aspect of this tutorial, so stay with my words.


  1. Bake giant chocolate cupcakes. (I used a ‘flower pot’ cupcake tin.)
  2. Use cookie icing (NOT that Wilton garbage pictured.) to glue the arms on Groot’s body. This is the hardest part because it takes patience. So, so much patience.
  3. Cut the dome off of the cupcakes and stick the DRY Groot bodies into the center of the ‘pots’.
  4. Use the same black sparkle gel from the Gamora cupcakes to give Groot eyeballs.
  5. Use a star tip to pipe green frosting on the top of the pot.
  6. Optional: I used a leaf tip to pipe green frosting on Groot’s body because I couldn’t look at the white joints without twitching.

Make Groot cupcakes for your next Guardians of the Galaxy party

Seee? Are these not the cutest damn Groot cupcakes you ever did see?

(Ooga-chaka ooga-ooga)
(Ooga-chaka ooga-ooga)
(Ooga-chaka ooga-ooga)
(Ooga-chaka ooga-ooga)

Want more Groot goodness? My bestie has a kickass tutorial for a dancing baby Groot puppet on her site!

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