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Growing Garlic Indoors

It’s finally time for the follow up to my post about painting my garlic pot! I love, love, love garlic but I hate paying for it so I am attempting to grow indoors. This is just an experiment but all of the research that I have read online says that it really is possible. Fingers crossed!

I picked the biggest cloves out to plant and left some of the skin on it.

As much as I would have liked to plant a whole bunch, I refrained so they weren’t crowded. I figured three would be good in my pot and I would be beside myself if I got 3 heads of garlic! Be sure to plant your cloves with the tip up. I have had garlic sprout at home because I buy it in bulk and the tip is where the plant grows from.

I just covered the cloves with dirt and gave it some water. It is currently sitting by the window and I am acting like a child peeking at it everyday to see if it is growing at all. ?

I will keep you updated to let you know if it dies as there is progress so you know whether or not it is worth your time. Three garlic cloves is precious and I would hate to see it wasted!

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