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Before the guest bathroom remodel

You get married. You buy a money pit fixer-upper. You dream of making it a home full of trendy knick-knacks and the pitter patter of tiny piggies.

You and your spouse agree that one of the first rooms to get the axe is the aqua guest bathroom insulated with newspaper from 1976. 

And then you realize how different your designs are. And the receipts are piling up. You didn’t factor in this and that. Why do home improvement shows make it look so easy? How is it you can go to the home improvement store 13 times in one weekend and never run into that guy, from that show, who remodels rooms for unsuspecting shoppers?

The first guest bathroom remodel

You try to ombre the walls but it doesn’t go as planned because you have no clue how to ombre, so you end up with a yellow ceiling and orange walls. No big deal. Who needs a well lit bathroom to drop a deuce? Scratch that, what person in their right mind deuces in the guest bathroom? Surely not you, you’re a lady.

You tolerate the oompa loompa room because you have to, but deep down you secretly hope that you will score big during your next trip to the home improvement store. Yanno, because that’s the only way anything is getting remodeled with a toddler running around, a husband in school, and the sparkle in your eye that will soon put you on bedrest for the better part of your pregnancy.

And then the clouds part and your are given the opportunity to work on operation guest bathroom remodel!

Adding a red and orange leaf sink to our guest bathroom remodel

The entire project started with a fancy leaf sink.

Finding a funky faucet for a guest bathroom remodel without breaking the bank

Which led to a bizarre faucet

Adding a floating vanity to our guest bathroom remodel

… and a floating vanity. Because anything less than magical was unacceptable.

Finding the perfect mirror and lighting for a guest bathroom remodel

But your husband wouldn’t buy the $300 mirror you picked out because… $300. And spending hundreds of doll hairs on lights? Yeah, that wasn’t in the budget either. So you compromise on a sweet clearance find…

Adding accessories to a guest bathroom remodel

… fun accents…

Add a pop of color to your guest bathroom remodel with DIY decor

… and swear that one day you will turn that other clearance find, from that one store, into the perfect pop of color for the guest bathroom remodel. Yanno, similar to the pile of clothes you said you would fold and put away.

Baby helping me put Quilted Northern toilet paper in the guest bathroom

The clothes that are still sitting there like the package of Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong you said you would take to the basement…

Fun toilet paper holder that shows you how much toilet paper you have left in the bathroom

… as soon as you filled the toilet paper holder. After all, the best bathroom experiences are the ones you don’t remember. Quilted Northern® is designed so you can forget your bathroom experience. Unless, of course, it’s a no wiper. Everyone celebrates a no wiper.

Remind your houseguest to put the toilet sink down with a funny vinyl decal

You get sick of the bum washes, so you buy a vinyl decal to remind both sexes that toilet are hinged for a reason. And no, it’s not so you can sit down with your toddler and play toilet monster. Who does that?

The result of our guest bathroom remodel, from retro to modern

Two years, two kids, and two colors later, you have finally finished your guest bathroom remodel.

Straight from the mouth of Iggy, “Praise Jesus, hallelujah.”


Supplies needed to make DIY decor for your guest bathroom remodel

Back to that one clearance find, from that one store, that you swore you would use for the perfect pop of color on the wall…

All you need to create a color pop is a piece of 12×12 scrapbook paper, spray paint, glue of choice (I used clear tacky glue.), and a very basic clearance find.

Using a hanger to spray paint the decor for a guest bathroom remodel

Use a metal hanger to suspend the item to be spray painted. Slow and steady strokes will always win the paint race.

Attach scrapbook paper to give your DIY decor a pop of color

Add a bit of glue, adhere the scrapbook paper, and leave your so easy your toddler could do it wall art to dry overnight. Done. That’s all, folks!

Shopping at Walmart for Quilted Northern

I know this goes without saying, but I will say it anyways, don’t make your guests hunt for the next roll of toilet paper. Go to Walmart and buy a butt-ton (See what I did there?) of Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong. It’s meticulously crafted for maximum comfort and durability. Durability is important when you have tiny humans attempting to wipe their rears for the first time.

What else do you keep handy for your guests?


From retro to welcoming, ideas for a simple guest bathroom remodel

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