Have you ever had a hairstyle swoop in and save the day? No? Of course all of the normal people are sitting in front of their computers saying no. You see, hairstyles save the day in my household because I use female grooming as a tool in my game of life as a wife. Yeah, yeah I am a terrible person. Some people are just plain nice and others, like me, resort to strategy.

Getting beautiful during the week can mean a couple of things:

  • I want something.
  • I had to go somewhere that wasn’t the gym or grocery store. (Not likely.)
  • I am doing a fashion & beauty post for work.
  • I screwed up because that is what I am known for. (VERY likely.)
Hairstyling tip: Straightening your hair is easy with the right tools from Conair #cbias

So let me tell you how the hairstyle strategy works in my household.

I do something wrong like: yelling at him while he is at work; setting up photography stations throughout the house; not doing any chores; or breaking something. Would you believe me if I said on the day in question all of these party fouls happened? It’s true.

Now comes the hard part…

In order to reduce the severity of my dirty deed(s) I must complete the ritual of: taking a shower; putting on makeup; changing into street clothes (bonus points for jewelry); and doing something, anything, with my bedhead. I pretty much have to transform into a 1950’s housewife in order to be forgiven for my actions, or lack thereof.

And now you are wondering why anyone would fall into my hairstyle strategy trap. Trust me, I can feel your vibe all the way through the interwebz. It’s a solid strategy because when he comes home to a Stepford Wife he doesn’t know if he should be angry at me or shocked because I look put together. It really is genius. You should try it.

I didn't end up in the wife doghouse because of my Conair hairstyle #cbias

Fact: The only time I rock a straight hairstyle is when I go to the salon and Cortney does it because I am too lazy to round brush my own hair! I don’t even wash my hair the 3 days following a hair appointment!

Do you think round brushing mommy’s hair would count as one of the reasons people have kids? I mean, we already know a perk to being a parent is the 24/7 access to a head scratcher and a lawn mower, so why not this too? My ‘make mommy’s life easier because she sacrificed her body to birth you’ ideas are brilliant!

Comparing Conair hair straighteners for different hairstyles #cbias


Let me attempt to bring this post back to beauty and further away from bad wives with child labor ideas. (One day I might grow up to be a true beauty blogger.) It was nearly impossible to straighten short hair with my old flat iron because it is SO wide. I was to the point of A) burning my head or B) burning my fingers, and neither option is very desirable. Thankfully my swagalicious Conair Infiniti Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron has changed all of that!


Pretty easy, right? It sure shocked me when I was all done! Now I can focus my efforts on learning how to master the art of a curling iron.

Anyone can go from curls to straight hair hairstyle with tools from the Conair Infiniti Pro Series #cbias

Because I know you guys are curious…

Michael came home from work and suggested my kid free work days start back up!

Strategy never fails!

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