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Just in time for Easter! Step by step craft (with pictures) explaining how to create these hidden chocolate carrots.  #EatMoreBites  #shop

Easter, also known as creepy bunny man season, is upon us and that means parents everywhere are counting down the days until their rotten egg air fresheners kick on. The joys of parenthood, right?

How about we switch things up this year and hide Milky Way Simply Caramel Bites in grown-up Easter decorations?

This is what I like to call crafting in the name of treating ourselves once the tikes hit the hay, and I will accept the title of genius whenever you are ready to lay it on me.

Ready. Set. Let’s get crafty, guys!

The first step in making hidden chocolate carrots for Easter is to fill the tip of a piping bag with yarn.  #EatMoreBites  #shop

Step 1- Before filling the 12 inch piping bag with a bag of Milky Way Simply Caramel Bites, squish a little yarn into the tip so your carrot keeps its form when wrapped in yarn.

Crafting tip: Trim the bag if you prefer smaller carrots.

The second step in making hidden chocolate carrots for Easter is to fill the piping bag with Milky Way Simply Caramel Bites, twist tie the bag closed, and knot the orange yarn around the bag.  #EatMoreBites  #shop

Step 2- I sealed the bag with a small piece of green Wired Sisal Rope before attaching the yarn with a simple double knot.

The third step in making hidden chocolate carrots for Easter is to wrap the yarn around the piping bag so it starts to look like a carrot.  #EatMoreBites  #shop

Step 3- Stretch your wrists because now you will begin wrapping the yarn around the bag! And don’t give up once you realize all the yarn wants to do is bunch up and sabotage your pretty project. Just switch gears and continue wrapping down the carrot.

Crafting tip: Use a bit of glue at the top of the carrot if you find the yarn slipping up and bunching. 

You will have to wrap the hidden chocolate carrot  multiple times to ensure there are no gaps.  #EatMoreBites  #shop

Don’t stress if you have to double wrap, or even triple wrap your carrot because the ‘ugly’ side can lie face down. It’s all about how you stage your pretties, guys!

Crafting tip- Place a dot of glue on the tip to prevent the yarn from unraveling.

The fourth step in the hidden chocolate carrots craft is to use wire cutters to create the top of the carrot.  #EatMoreBites  #shop

Step 4- Snip about a 4 inch section of Wired Sisal Rope with wire cutters and turn it into a circle for the base of your greens. Next, cut 20 more 10 inch sections to complete the greens for a single carrot.

Crafting tip- The length of the greens will vary depending on the size of your carrot and the look you are going for.

The fifth step in the hidden chocolate carrots for Easter is to loop each piece around the circle base.  #EatMoreBites  #shop

Step 5- Wrap the 20 pieces around the circle and give them a slight twist to ensure they stay connected. And don’t freak when you notice they don’t stand up straight. There’s another step for that.

Next you will wrap a piece of wire around the base of your hidden chocolate carrots and secure it.  #EatMoreBites  #shop

Final and 6th step- Trim the top of the piping bag so it looks like a little nub. (Size will vary depending on the size of your carrot.) Slip the ring of greens around the nub and force them to stand up for a quick minute by placing your hands around them. Once you get them standing up, wrap another ring around the base of the greens and twist the ends together. This step helps the greens stand tall without constant adjustments.

Shopping at Walmart for Milky Way Simply Caramel Bites #EatMoreBites #shop

I picked my bags of Bites up during one of our trips down Walmart’s candy aisle. I can always find something to occupy Michael during our shopping trip in that aisle. What can I say… I am not above bribery.

MARS Bites Coupon #EatMoreBites  #shop

Don’t forget your coupon!

Chocolate isn't only for the inside of Easter eggs! Think outside the box with these hidden chocolate carrots.  #EatMoreBites  #shop

#EatMoreBites #CollectiveBias

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