My name is Mallery and I am a recycling hoarder! I wish I was joking but the frugalista inside of me cries a little when I have to recycle something that I could use for a craft. I have even gone so far as to hide it from Michael before I take it upstairs to my closet of shame.

Him “Babe do you really need this egg carton?”

Me “Yes, that is why it is in the pile to take upstairs.

”Him “What are you going to do with it?”

Me “I am going to use it for my strawberries stuffed with cheesecake!”

Him “I think you have enough stuff.”

Me “Umm… I am pretty sure you have a computer graveyard in this house.”


When I get a minute to craft I want to know that I have the goods because time is money! Pringles containers- centers to diaper cakes. Formula cans- centers to my school supply cakes. Diaper boxes- decorative boxes for the family room. Duh Babe!

Michael thinks that I have a problem and I fully admit that I do! My problem is one every Mother out there experiences… LACK OF TIME! Quit humping me like a horny dog and get off my back already!

C’mon guys, make me feel better and tell me that I am not the only thrifty soul out there that does this!

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