Steps on how to create a delicious chocolate peanut butter holiday party favor using Peanut Hottie and baby food jars

I have a holiday party favor that knows exactly how to push your oh so precious, knee buckling button. It starts with a bit of peanut butter. (Yes!) Then it teases you with some chocolate. (Mmhmmm!) And finally, it leaves you feeling youthful with gooey marshmallows. (Oh myy!)

Chocolate. Peanut butter. Chocolate. Chocolate. Marshmallow. Peanut butter. Peanut butter. Peanut butter!

Go sit in the corner if you don’t understand what just happened.

I had no idea Peanut Hottie was a thing until I was sent some to feature. It just so worked out that I needed to whip together a few party favors for an upcoming holiday party. You know, because my life is one big party.

Baby food jar craft idea for the holiday party favors filled with Peanut Hottie, marshmallows, and chocolate chips

The inspiration for my holiday party favors stemmed from baby food jars and my newly formed chocolate peanut butter obsession. I always try to utilize baby food jars because I have 50 bajillion sitting in my basement. I am a true craft hoarder. All the jars, everywhere!


Glitter the tops of baby food jars using school glue instead of spray adhesive

I really love spray adhesive but my unborn fetus isn’t a fan, so I went with school glue for this project. The only difference I found was the length of time it took the glittery lids to dry. No big deal unless you are throwing these together moments before your guests arrive.

Pssshh! Who does that? Certainly not me. Never.

I switched to tacky glue for the mini bulbs because I’m … paranoid? Yes, that. I don’t work with school glue enough for me to trust it with my balls errr bulbs.

Make the perfect holiday party favor by filling a baby food jar with 5 teaspoons of Peanut Hottie, a handful of chocolate chips, and marshmallows

Now for the tasty part! I started with the recommended 5 scoops of Peanut Hottie, added a handful of chocolate chips, and filled the remaining head space with mini marshmallows. So.

Much. Yes!

Chocolate peanut butter Peanut Hottie baby food jar holiday party favors

There you have it, folks! This holiday party favor is super frugal and so dang good. Michael (little, not big) threw an epic tantrum because I told him he couldn’t have the marshmallows without the drink. And then he tasted the drink. Boy did that stop him in his whiny tracks!

And big Michael? He ordered his with a shot of marshmallow vodka because he’s a burly man. I’d say the Schuplins are fans!

Psstt… if your guest list is more of a grown up crowd, tie a tiny bottle of vodka to the baby food jar with some festive ribbon!

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