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Homemade Sugar Scrub

Do you need a quick gift to impress someone on the cheap? Listen up then because homemade sugar scrub is where it’s at! You can go as basic as the picture of ingredients above or get all fancy with essential oils for scents. I used sunflower oil because I have read that people do not care for the scent of olive oil or baby oil. Sunflower oil has vitamin E in it and is actually cheaper than olive oil! Score!!


  • 2c sugar
  • 1c brown sugar
  • 1c sunflower oil

I mixed my sugars together before I added my oil so it was blended well. Then I added my oil and let it soak a little before I started mixing it together. I don’t recommend mixing it with your teaspoon though, use a real spoon!  ?

You can make it whatever consistency you want because it is homemade but everything online says 2 parts sugar and 1 part oil. Keep in mind that the oil will settle to the bottom so when you are scooping it out to put in your jars you should scoop some from the top and some from the bottom for balance.

This sugar scrub is acting as a baby shower favor for my Sister’s shower that is coming up in October. Her theme is Star Wars so I went with a space theme for the containers. Keep your old baby food jars because they sure are coming in handy for my shower projects! You can see how I created the sugar scrub jars in another post and you can also see the pretty awesome Star Wars decorations that I made! I impressed myself with my Star Wars crafts! What a theme right?!

The ingredient batch that I used made 6- 4 ounce jars. Makes sense because I used 3 cups of sugar.

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