Honeymooning means a boatload of canoodling, wine, and … errr … you already know the skinny when it comes to our vacation sex. Our honeymoon really was a jolly good time for both parties, outside of the suicide drive through some mountain in between Temecula and San Diego. And since I’m quite terrible at secrets, I put the reason I prayed I would see my son again at the bottom of the post so you didn’t check out after my knarly Moto X video. How’s that for a cliffhanger? Ba dum tsk!

Watch the video. Fall in love with the gadget. Take said gadget on your next vacation if you aren’t honeymooning any time soon.

Can I rock a stache or what?


Put an end to your guessing game and start the video at 5:50 because you want need to know why I painted a mustache on my face. Just do it. Go back and do it right meow! You won’t regret it.

Are you still scrolling? Don’t make me throw a fit, guys.

Drinking flights of wine while honeymooning in Temucula, California

Now that my fit is over, let’s talk about the honeymoon and show you the unedited pictures I took with the Moto X I’ve been using for the past month.

If you take away one thing from this post, besides my endorsement of the Moto X, it better be that I drank my weight in wine during our honeymoon. We drank on the daily and didn’t even get sloshed! Not once! Well… we almost got inebriated the night Jillian took us out on the town, but we will remember that night as the night of my first sushi experience instead of the night I broke out the gangsta dance for Craig. Which is funny because I don’t know the first thing about gangsta dancing. It just felt like the thing to do.

I should be embarrassed by my spontaneous, expressive body movements, but I’m not quite sure if I should be embarrassed for myself or Jillian…

Enjoying artichoke pizza while honeymooning in Temcula, California

Newsflash- I ate pizza more than once while honeymooning in California.

I know, I know. You are sitting there thinking ‘No way, she ate pizza? She NEVER eats pizza! Why would a person go to California for their honeymoon and eat pizza?’

Well… you see, we went into Old Temecula and did as the locals do, enjoy food flying under the radar because that’s where you find a town’s personality. And let me tell ya, dudes, that’s artichoke and chicken pizza. Artichoke! Ermahgerd, I ate artichoke pizza!

Honeymooning in California and drinking wine flights in Temecula

Oh hey, I drank wine while I was honeymooning in California.

I experienced the scariest drive up a mountain in my life while honeymooning in California

And now for the moment you’ve been waiting for… the suicide mountain drive that left me praying I would see Michael again. It’s so true that I changed my dress when we arrived at our San Diego hotel.

I lie. I changed my dress because I was sweating my ba-donka-donk off from being on top of a mountain, in a convertible, for hours.

Michael thought (In his super fun male mind.) taking the scenic route from Temecula to San Diego would be fun, and I agreed because California is beautiful. That is, until the road turned to gravel, and then to dirt, and then to a 1.5 car, pot hole riddled path. All on top of a mountain. A mountain that lacked guardrails. A mountain that was REEEEALLY high up. Think high up to the point of only looking straight ahead because looking to the side made me want to vomit.

But you know what? I still had service. I never thought Verizon would have service on top of this death trap of a mountain, but they did. You might not believe me when I say I only lost service once but it’s true. So, so true.

Staying at a Hilton resort while honeymooning in San Diego, California

I’m not quite sure if I miss California or my Moto X more because they were both fabulous experiences. True story. Leaving California was a tear worthy event, as was packing up the phone so it could be shipped back to the PR company. Boo hoo for me and my dramatic personality.

I encourage you to watch the Moto X video because:

  1. I talk about 5 Moto X features in normal, everyday user talk.
  2. I am a little looney and a bit of a train wreck to watch.
  3. You will learn why I’m sporting a mustache!

Scroll up now or forever miss out on greatness.

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