What Makes a Horrible Housewife Photo Shoot Successful?

What Makes a Horrible Housewife Photo Shoot Successful?

The Horrible Housewife is finally reporting for duty! Sir, yes sir! Yeah right, Michael wishes I was that submissive. I gave you guys a sneak peek of my Horrible Housewife photo shoot before I went all MIA. I am now ready to share more of the madness that includes lots and lots of wine. The question is… are YOU ready for part one of the photo shoot winners?

I saw a picture of a housewife putting things on a clothes line and got the brilliant idea to hang panties on the line! Now don’t let my overwhelming brilliance suffocate you because I mean no harm, but panties and ‘housewife skirts’ are the perfect combination for sassy. I will now be branding myself as sassy. Yup, that’s my thing now.

“Mallery! You need to get on the lawn mower and take some pictures!”

Lindsay’s mom and her crew became the newest, hottest set directors that this horrible housewife had ever seen; they were cracking up as we moved through our scenes. It really was a jolly good time for everyone involved. Well… maybe not the babysitter. Uncle Tony was a little tired by the time the day was over. ?

For the record, it would be a good day in the Schuplin house if my counter looked like this while I was baking. A girl can wish…

My son is my favorite thing in the world, but my cell phone and wine are close in that match. I’m sorry, but wine is a must have when he is crabby. I don’t smoke so I need some sort of vice to preserve my sanity. I will take my Yellow Beaver Society and a good Malbec any day of the week! (I don’t expect you to understand the way of the beavers.)

Have you figured out the theme yet? It’s sort of like a Where’s Waldo picture, but more obvious. I promise I only made it through 1.5 glasses during the Horrible Housewife photo shoot.

Lindsay bought these shoes for a pinup session and even though this was not a pinup session, they came in handy. Let me just say that Michael will have oodles and oodles of porn soon. Classy porn, not that crotch shot, eat my asshole shit. Tube socks are only in our house for one reason…

Which are your favorite shots from the first part of the Horrible Housewife photo shoot?

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