Housewife Duties

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Reebok. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for sharing my housewife duties with you.”

How to complete your housewife duties in style- Always get dressed up when you head to the grocery store.

Do you remember when I confessed my perfect housewife sins to you? I admitted to the laundry, the meal planning, the  cooking, and, of course, the grocery shopping. I do it mostly because we would end up eating gluten every stinkin’ night, but also because grocery shopping gets me out of the house. For one hour a week my life is void of poopy potties and tiny cars racing up my legs.

I even get dolled up! I paint on my face, slip into my ‘I still think I’m in college’ jeans, figure out where I left my wedding ring, and lace up my hip sneakers. I do it all and it feels good!

Although… you know, the dog and pony show might have more to do with me approaching the old housewives’s club since I’m pretty much on the verge of retirement and wrinkles.

How to complete your housewife duties in style- Never leave home without a pearl necklace.

How to Fulfill Housewife Duties

  • Don a pearl necklace- Pearls prevent the awkward ‘may I see your ID, Miss’ when you attempt to purchase your favorite red coping mechanism.
  • Fix your hair- The perfect housewife always carries a bobby pin in her handbag for flyaway emergencies. A flyaway is just as embarrassing as walking out of the restroom with toilet paper stuck to your foot.
  • Paint your face- Outside of teenage brides, housewives need a little assistance hiding the dark circles acquired from late nights spent scrubbing the toilet so the men of the house can dribble all over a clean seat. Heaven forbid they leave little presents on a day old toilet.
  • Let your husband pick out your outfit- And I mean all of it. The skin tight jeans, hint of bosom sweater, and don’t you dare attempt anything less than a stylish sneaker. You are, after all, supposed to look like the trophy wife he tells his co-workers about.

These responsibilities seem a little daunting, so I invite you to open up the beautiful mind resting beneath your perfectly groomed hair. Let’s talk about the other side of the coin for just a moment…

How to complete your housewife duties in style- Reebok Skyscape shoes are perfect for stylish, on the go style.

I own a lot of shoes. And by a lot, I mean multiple boxes of shoes… in every color and style. Some might say I have a problem but let’s be real, each outfit requires a different type of shoe. Which is why I tend to think of it more like having red shoes, blue shoes, date night shoes, and freaky-mc-freak a leek heels. I have a box of daily wear shoes, and a box of shoes I can only wear when I am pregnant. Needless to say, I have options.

How to complete your housewife duties in style- Reebok Skyscape shoes are comfortable and stylish.

I am currently crushing on my new pair of Reebok Skyscapes from Kohl’s. These babies are wicked light at 5 ounces. Yes, that was five ounces! The foam material is made with the same techniques as molded foam bras. Sure, I don’t know what that technique is, but you better believe I have never worn a shoe quite like this. I’m not sure I can even explain how it feels to wear such a lightweight, flexible shoe.

I embraced it and plan on adding a few new colors to my already overflowing box of everyday shoes. A girl can never have enough options for her housewife duties, right?

I thought so.

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    • Mallery says

      Ha! Michael is all over my outfit suggestions! I’m okay with it because he is the first person to tell me I look like a cow. hahaha

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