How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Friends & Family

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And, another note: I realize that COVID is still very much a thing. Everyone has different comfort levels at this point, so please take the tips that you find useful and leave the rest.

I am one of those people who aren’t into cards, roses, and dinner on Valentine’s Day. I prefer to do the family thing.

Same? If you’re not the sappy card, big bouquet of roses dinner-going Valentine’s Day type, but would rather do something with the family or with friends, read on.

Stay In & Start A Tradition

Even though I have always rolled my eyes a bit at V day, once I had kids, I wanted to have a little something special that commemorated the day for us as a family.

Starting a little tradition is a fun and easy way to build some continuity and create memories.

In our family, it’s dinner together and then Valentine’s Day Cupcakes. Strawberry, made at home from scratch, by my husband and youngest daughter.

They use this recipe by Life, Love & Sugar. As my husband says “the sour cream makes them!” I think that the real strawberries is the star in this show. Either way, they’re fantastic.

Our V Day Cupcakes (frosted and waiting to be frosted)

Her photos aren’t nearly as appetizing as mine 🙂


Here are some other ideas for making staying in a tradition:

  • movie night (“love” themed movies? or maybe ditch that and go for horror!)
  • game night
  • plan a scavenger hunt, either for kids or for that special adult in your life

Gather Friends

There’s nothing to say that Valentine’s Day needs to be about you and your special “one”.

Last year a few of us couples gathered COVID-style in the backyard and did a virtual beer-tasting. It was the ladies’ gift to the guys. And to ourselves. 🙂 Beer on V day? Yep, we’re pretty cool wives (secret: we love beer just as much as they do!).

Invite some friends over, and celebrate the love of friendship.

Trivia At the Bar

Or, if staying in isn’t your thing, go out, but do something different than going to dinner. Show some love to your local joints that may not have the Valentine’s Day dinner rush, such as a bar that doesn’t serve food. Many local places now do escape rooms, which would be a really fun idea, too!

Send (or Deliver) Valentines

Remember when you were in elementary school and used to write Valentine’s Day cards to hand out to your friends? Channel your inner child and make some Valentine’s Day cards for those who may be lonely this year. Senior centers come to mind first, although, during this time with Covid, visitors will likely not be allowed. Make a batch, include some goodies, and drop them off for the staff to distribute. The same goes for kids (or adults) spending Valentine’s Day in the hospital. A card may be just the thing to brighten their day. Always call first to make sure you are clear on what is and isn’t allowed.

Pack or Make A Special Meal

Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday this year, so your kids will likely be heading off to school. Make them a special lunch with sandwiches, cookies, strawberries, or a quesadilla in the shape of a heart. You can easily search online for some pretty fun lunch box ideas like these or these. Your guests will love these festive pretzel rods.

Or surprise them with some Valentine’s Day Punch or Sweetheart Punch when they get home.

Valentine’s Dessert Party

Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to get together a bunch of fun, colorful, tasty desserts. Host a Valentine’s Day Dessert Tasting Party with a group of friends. Everyone brings a dessert to share, in small servings, so that everyone can try a variety of options.

This is great for kids AND for adults.

Make sure that you do a bit of planning ahead to ensure that you don’t end up with 10 chocolate desserts (not that there’s anything wrong with that)! Mixing in some fruity desserts and other flavors (cheesecake anyone?) will be a lot of fun as everyone has a variety of flavors to taste.

Send Some Flowers To A Single Friend

If you have a single friend that gets a bit down on this day, receiving some flowers from you just may be the thing she (or he!!) needs. In the past, I’ve shied away from sending flowers because the ones that I’ve ordered in received in the past can look a bit….. outdated. If that’s holding you back, try Farmgirl Flowers. I do have one friend who had them arrive looking a bit haggard, but otherwise, I’ve had really good luck with them. Here’s a bouquet that another friend recently received (it’s the Just Right Burlap Wrapped Bouquet).

There you have it, some quick and easy ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day this year!

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