Star Wars baby shower decorations

In case you haven’t heard, the Star Wars baby shower was a total success! Rachael said she was pleased with the way everything came out so it was a win in that department. I won’t even try to lie to you and say that preparing this Star Wars baby shower was enjoyable. The journey up to the shower made me want to shoot my brains out… well… maybe just drink a lot, pick the one that fits your story better. It was a real life H-E-double hockey stick, but I love her so it was worth it.

The way this shower went down was simple, I did the cool Star Wars stuff while my mom took care of the traditional food. You know, the easy party stuff. I don’t know what I would have done if I had to do both parts of the baby shower preparation. Don’t you worry your pretty little heads off because the tutorials and/or important links to everything that I made for the baby shower will be coming soon. What sort of tease would I be if I didn’t toy with your emotions a little bit?

Star Wars baby shower desserts

I need to get something off of my chest. I hate fondant!

Phew! I feel so much better! I paid $10 to decorate the TRASH CAN with white fondant. I wish I was joking. �

I saved the Storm Trooper cupcakes for the final prep work and I am so stinkin’ happy I did because they pushed me over the edge. I went C-R-A-Z-Y on my mom and Michael the night before the baby shower because I was so frustrated. I could see that my mom thought I was a lunatic by the way she was looking at me. hahaha

Star Wars baby shower table decorations

The tables were adorned with chocolate covered ‘light sabers’ and the pimpin’ LEGO centerpieces I made earlier this year. You might be asking yourself why there was a purple table mixed in with a red theme. The purple tablecloth was my mom’s way of making the baby shower feminine. hahaha! It is a gorgeous purple fabric with silver sparkles in it, so I am going to make something for Leah with it.

Yoda comes to the Star Wars baby shower

What would a Star Wars baby shower be without a special appearance from Yoda? My girlfriend, Cortney, gave me the idea to dress Michael in a costume and It was such a hit; she rocks!

Star Wars baby shower gifts and prizes

If you purchased $5 from Rachael’s Star Wars registry, you were entered into a raffle for a $25 Applebee’s gift card! I slaved away on her boutique-esque Star Wars registry so I needed to sling the products, or eat the time and money on the whole project. Uh… no thank you! I even had our special guest, Yoda, pick the winner. ?

Unwrapping gifts at the Star Wars baby shower

I had Michael take the pictures, my photographer had a last minute emergency, and I blame myself for the way they came out. I was so caught up in playing hostess that I just handed him the camera. I didn’t check the lighting, I didn’t check the camera setting for him… I sucked so hard on that major detail. The moral of the story? It is impossible to be the photographer and the hostess… unless you want to kill yourself. No, I take that back, it’s not even kill yourself possible to be the hostess and the photographer.

Opening gifts at the Star Wars baby shower

Do you know how I know we are sisters?

Look at her freaking facial expressions! We are the worst at getting gifts that we don’t really want because our faces are an open book. ?

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