Whether you’ve just realized you forgot to make an Avengers themed drink for your party, or you’re balls deep in the planning portion of your child’s birthday party, this Hulk juice tutorial should please your exhausted wallet, fingers, and brain. Transforming a basic green juice box into a huggable beast of a man is so damn easy.

Confession: I only titled this tutorial Hulk juice because I didn’t want to confuse the parents out there who aren’t familiar with Hulk’s real name… Bruce. To play on his name, Bruce Banner, for our Avengers birthday party, this drink was called Bruce Juice.

How to make Hulk juice for a child's Avengers themed birthday party

Supplies needed:

Hit up your local dollar store if you don’t care about the sugar content of the juice, and while you’re there, grab some googly eyes. I’m sure they probably carry black markers and some type of glue, too. All of those supplies will probably cost the same as the roll of duct tape.

This is where things get complicated. Ready?

  1. Wrap purple duct tape around the bottom of the juice.
  2. Glue the eyes where you think eyes should go.
  3. Draw a little line for the eyebrows and mouth.
  4. Ask your superhero loving birthday boy/girl to identify the character.
  5. Pour yourself a glass of wine to celebrate your budget friendly creativity.

And yes, I patted myself on the back as soon as Michael recognized it was Hulk juice. All victories deserve a celebration, and any mom willing to devote hours upon hours creating a magical birthday party for their child deserves a celebration in the form of their favorite varietal.

But wait… the superhero fun doesn’t stop there! In addition to the birthday party I shared above, I’ve hosted an Easter party with the most eye catching background, a Halloween party with more of an Ultron spin, and a movie watch party because we love all things Avengers.

I could go on to talk about the cupcake tutorials, but I’ll let you poke around the site yourself. Enjoy the rabbit hole!


Easy tutorial showing you how to make Hulk juice for an Avengers party

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