I Am Emotionally Awkward

I am emotionally awkward with little to no patience.

It’s true.

Emotions are evil and weakness… well… weakness isn’t in my vocabulary.

Watching someone slowly pass away is really interesting. Maybe interesting is the wrong word, but that is all I can think of right now. The past few days have taught me patience, what is important, and what an amazing family I am a part of. Great Grandma Sarah Andrews should be proud of what she created and she should be proud to pass the title of matriarch off to Granny.

Watching someone die is exhausting and emotionally awkward

Family doesn’t care if you smell and have dark circles

Right now, as I look around the room I see a combination of tears and dark circles sprinkled with strength. I see a family united around one common goal… to see grandma move on. We stay up as a group; we eat as a group; we say goodbye as a group; and we gather around her bed as a group. Witnessing what my family is capable of makes me so proud to say I am one of them.

But back to the interesting part of this whole experience.

All I can say is if you don’t have a faith… you need to witness someone with a strong faith as they finish their journey. #thatisall

You learn a lot about yourself in tough times

Here is my poor attempt at being entertaining during this oh-so-not-funny post.

I have been drinking coffee… lots and lots of coffee. Starbucks’ delicious caramel frappuccino is my newest best friend, much to my weight loss and wallet’s chagrin. Although, I have been drinking it black with 3 teaspoons of sugar and peeing my brains out, OY!

See, that paragraph is me being emotionally awkward and not very funny.

Ps: I have rewritten this post a million times because nothing sounds right to me. It probably doesn’t make sense to you, and it probably has the worst grammar in the word, but it depicts just how jumbled life is right now.  This too will pass and I will return to my picture taking, booty shaking blogger self.

I kid.

I can’t shake my booty to save my life. 


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