Inside Out cupcake tutorial for an Inside Out party

Inside Out is all the rage these days and homegirl has done the creative thinking for you when it comes to the party and now the cupcakes. You want to be armed with ideas for the day your tiny terror begs for an Inside Out party. Who can resist puppy dog eyes and crocodile tears?

I know. I know.

All of the parents out there with a backbone..


Use your Silhouette to cut out the cupcake toppers for Inside Out cupcakes

I used my Silhouette Portrait to cut out something special for each character:

  • Anger: Red tie with a beige cupcake wrapper.
  • Sadness: Black glasses with a blue cupcake wrapper.
  • Joy: Marble ‘shooter’ with a yellow cupcake wrapper.
  • Fear: Red bowtie with a patterned cupcake wrapper.
  • Disgust: Sparkle green cupcake wrapper.

Use hot glue to attach the cardstock to toothpicks for the Inside Out cupcake toppers

Next, I used a hot glue gun to attach the cardstock to toothpicks. Anger’s is on an angle because I didn’t want it sitting in the frosting.

Note: I used the silhouette for the ‘voices in my head’ banana bread but you could keep your workload smaller by using a polka dot cupcake wrapper with the heads. Pick your poison.

How to frost Anger for a complete set of Inside Out cupcakes

I decorated the majority of the cupcakes just like every other cupcake tutorial I write about. Call me predictable, if you must, but it works for me.

I wanted a bit of flair for the rest of the cupcakes so I filled my decorating gun with two colors to represent Anger and Disgust.

Anger was a no brainer…

Making lime green frosting for the Disgust Inside Out cupcake

Disgust wasn’t the easiest character to depict in a cupcake so I upped the sassypants a bit with pink and a white mixed with lime green gel food coloring.

Adding the cupcake toppers to the Inside Out cupcakes

Finally, put the cupcake toppers on their matching Inside Out cupcakes and call it a day.

That’s it!

How to make Inside Out cupcakes for the characters- Anger, Fear, Joy, Disgust, and Sadness

These cupcakes are a breeze to make if you don’t make a box of cake mix per character. Normal people don’t spend an entire day making 99 cupcakes for an Inside Out party.

… I’ve never once claimed to be normal.

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