How to make an Inside Out memory orb cake stand for your next Inside Out party

I wanted to share another Inside Out party tutorial with the interwebz because I consider you guys the cheese to my macaroni. The jelly to my peanut butter.

You get the picture.

Full disclosure, though. This memory orb tutorial will either test your patience or strengthen your pimp hand. You will have to decide which path to travel. It would be wrong of me to influence your decision.

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Using hot glue to attach the marbles to a shoe box for this DIY Inside Out Memory Orb Cake Stand


  • Empty shoe box
  • Marbles (I used 450 to cover the front, 2 sides, and about half of the back. I knew my cake stand would be facing a wall so I opted to save some time.)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Optional: Paint to cover up any words, logos, etc.

You have a few options depending on the type of shoe box you are using. You can: ditch the loose lid, tape the lid to the box, or cut the connected lid off. I opted to chop it off so I wasn’t gluing marbles on an awkward seam.

Money saving tip: Dollar Tree carries a 50 pack of marbles for, you guessed it, $1. Shocking, right?

Attaching the marbles to a shoe box for this DIY Inside Out Memory Orb Cake Stand

It really is a simple process. You put hot glue on the marble and line them up on the box. Over. And over. And over again. I recommend sitting your fanny in front of the boob tube because attaching 450 marbles is mind numbing.

Crafting tip: There is NO such thing as too much hot glue in a project like this. This memory orb cake stand does not stand a chance against a toddler. Although, all I cared about was it lasting through my Inside Out party.

Use a blow dryer to get the hot glue strings off of the Inside Out Memory Orb Cake Stand

Once all of the marbles are attached, use your blow dryer to melt off a fair amount of glue strings.

Voices in your head banana bread for an Inside Out party #InsideOutEmotions

To finish it off, I pulled the yellow platter out of my party stash and called it a cake stand. That’s it!

Now, if only I was better at emotions and stuff…

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