Easy tutorial showing you how to make Iron Man cupcakes for an Avengers themed birthday party

What is it the one thing summer babies miss out on because their parents had nothing better to do sometime between September and November?

They don’t get to celebrate their birthday during the school year. Their friends forget about their birthday party because school is out, or they just don’t show up because they’re at their cabin or something equally as important during the summer.

But then, because your child’s teacher wants to give each student their own special day, you find out summer babies are allowed to bring in cupcakes towards the end of the school year. So naturally, your almost 4 year old asks for Iron Man cupcakes.

He couldn’t have asked for vanilla cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles or any of the cupcakes from any of the handfuls of parties you have designed. That would be too easy.

Supplies needed to make Iron Man cupcakes

Supplies needed:

  • Red & white cookie icing
  • Hand cookie cutter
  • Red velvet cupcakes with red frosting
  • Batch of hand shaped sugar cookies
  • Toothpicks
  • Gold sprinkles
  • (Optional) Frosting gun

Start creating your Iron Man cupcakes by filling in the center of the hand with white frosting

I started Iron Man’s hand by creating the repulsor with white cookie icing.

Fill in the rest of the hand with red frosting and set the cookie aside to dry

Followed by filling in the rest of the hand with red cookie icing and a toothpick. I’m sure there is a legit decorating tool for smooshing the colors together, but the quality created with the poor man’s tool satisfies small children just fine.

Frost the red velvet cupcake with red frosting and top the Iron Man cupcake with gold sprinkles

While the cookies are drying, top the red velvet cupcakes with red frosting and gold sprinkles.

Use a toothpick to brace the Iron Man cookie to the top of the frosted cupcake

To prevent any accidental tips or soggy sugar cookies, wait until just before the Avengers party to place the cookies on top of the cupcake. Iron Man’s hands are heavy enough that you will need to brace them with something like a toothpick.

And if you are planning a party to pre-game before Captain America: Civil War, you should probably make some Captain America cupcakes. And it wouldn’t hurt to serve the Iron Man and Captain America themed drinks featured in this Avengers party.


How to make Iron Man cupcakes for an Avengers themed birthday party

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