Talk to your friend about that time you almost peed yourself over a bottle of wine and flowers in a recycled period pad wrap

It’s only a matter of wine before you meet a boy who does things to your lady bits.
It’s only a matter of wine before those things make tiny humans.
It’s only a matter of wine before you realize your episiotomy permanently changed the look of the playing field.
It’s only a matter of wine before you almost pee all over your bestie’s kids’ room.

It’s true.

One moment I was helping Michael change out of his wet bathing suit and the next I was squeezing for dear life because I HAD TO GO and someone was in the bathroom. I don’t know the science behind this part of light bladder leakage, but something about my wet suit hit me like a freight train. I wasn’t prepared but now YOU know… always change your suit near a toilet just in case a tsunami is brewin’ down south.

In honor of my recent discovery, and my continued partnership with Poise®, I decided to make a something fun out of my unused period pads. Something I could take to a friend in need of a laugh. Maybe even a friend mourning the loss of her pelvic muscles? There is nothing a chuckle and a bottle of wine can’t fix.

Supplies needed to turn your unused period pads into a flower holder for your girlfriend


  • Bottle of wine
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • 6 unused period pads
Begin your craft by wrapping unused period pads around a wine bottle
  • If applicable, trim the wings off of the period pad.
  • Leaving the protective film on the sticky part, wrap one period pad around the bottom of the bottle.
  • Remove the protective film from a second pad and wrap it on top of the first pad.
Use scissors to trim the liner so it doesn't hang out of the flower wrapper
  • Be sure to use part of the protective film on the uncovered sticky part so it doesn’t stick to the bottle.
  • Trim the leftover film so it’s flush with the period pad.
  • Repeat these steps for the next ‘level’.
Continue wrapping unused period pads around the bottle of wine
  • Moving on to the third ‘level’, wrap a pad until it’s nice and tight so you are able to hot glue the ends together.

Crafter’s note: I did switch the wine bottles in the tutorial because I realized I made the first one with a bottle of white and I didn’t want to show you how to make something that wouldn’t look like my final product. Yanno, transparency and all that jazz.

Resist the urge to cut the final unused period pad
  • For the fourth ‘level’, wrap the final pad around the bottle and resist the urge to trim it. Trimming it will make it look sloppy because of the layers in the pad.
Hot glue the edges of the unused period pads
  • Use a hot glue gun to secure the edges of the pads.
  • Finish up by putting a thin layer of hot glue in between each of the levels.
Enjoying a glass of wine while I talk about that time I almost peed myself because it's only a matter of wine

If you are really ambitious, you can make flowers out of the period pads, too. I’m sure there is a way to make dainty flowers. There has to be a way.

Or you can focus on more important things, like polishing off the bottle of wine since it’s only a matter of wine before your husband gets home and asks for a glass. Sharing is caring only applies the the Poise® Thin-Shape pads you are giving to your girlfriend so she doesn’t have to use period pads for light bladder leakage.

Be sure to request your free sample of Poise®.

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