Keeping it Real With Slimfessions

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Slimfessions are anonymous admissions about why you are getting in shape

Slimfessions are all the rage right now and, let me tell you… this oversharer has a good one to confess to the blogosphere!

{Cue the sexy music blended with a healthy dose of brown chicken, brown cow.}

Slimfessions are secrets. Slimfessions are capable of sending grown women into a fit of giggles because the idea of admitting a deep, dark desire is exhilarating. Slimfessing empowers a primal desire in all of us. Ooohhh yeah- get it, girl!

Slimfessions can be anonymous if that’s what you need to let the good stuff fly! Or… you can let it all hang out (no pun intended) with a picture or video and enjoy the sense of confidence that comes with slimfessing. It’s intoxicating.

Slimfessions from a housewife- I'm getting back in shape to get boudoir pictures taken for my husband

Are you getting down with the get down yet? No? What if I go first?

My Slimfessions is…

Getting back in shape to take boudoir pictures for Michael’s birthday! Rawr!

Yanno, pump a little iron, strip down to my skivvies, and give Michael the best birthday gift ever. Or… is it strip down to my unmentionables and pump iron? Meh, it’s all the same in the end.

Slimfessions from a housewife- school outfit or traditional lingerie for a boudoir photo shoot

Getting back in shape for the birthday gift of epic proportions is easy peasy. The hard part is clearly deciding whether or not to go with traditional lingerie or one of our tried and true ‘fun’ outfits, the school girl. You be the judge!

What should I wear in my boudoir pictures?

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  1. I was going to leave a comment on your video, but as you’re one of the few people I would actually leave a comment for instead of just watch, you were also my first nightmare-ish encounter with the G+ comment system…and that failed.

    Use both though! That way you’ll have a few to choose from and it will help you come up with more poses that work in different types of clothing. ?

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