LEGO birthday party ideas for small children

When you have a baby, you are committing to on demand feedings and tops covered in vomit. You find yourself extracting boogers the size of small pebbles from your oldest’s nose before bed, and examining your youngest’s bloody stools later that night. And getting the males in your home to pee in the toilet?

You gave up on that ages ago.

But the thought of your baby’s LEGO birthday party, the first birthday party you’ve been planning since the day you peed on that stick, makes every poopy butt a little easier to wipe clean.


LEGO party food ideas for a LEGO birthday party that look like LEGO bricks
LEGO bricks made out of graham crackers and vanilla wafers for a LEGO birthday party
Serve ants on a log at your next LEGO birthday party
Make LEGO brick cakes out of red velvet cake for a LEGO birthday party
Serve LEGO french bread pizzas at a LEGO birthday party
Make a LEGO head out of vanilla pudding for a LEGO birthday party
Easily fit bottled water into your LEGO birthday party theme with colored duct tape
Serve LEGO brick juice boxes and jars of yellow juice at a LEGO birthday party

When it was time to think of food for Maverick’s LEGO birthday party, I sat in my bed with (little) Michael and we discussed shapes of any and all food we could think of. Which foods are rectangle? Are there any circle foods? Is there any way to make the menu a little healthier? Is this something you would eat?

We came up with:

  • Graham cracker LEGO blocks
  • Marshmallow treat LEGO blocks
  • Ants on a log
  • French bread pizza LEGO blocks
  • LEGO head pudding
  • LEGO brick cakes (I used a LEGO brick mold.)
  • LEGO head juices
  • LEGO brick juice boxes
  • Waters wrapped in LEGO colors

Party tip: There will be another post showing you how to make each of LEGO themed foods listed above. I’ve already taken the pictures for the post, and I even have a few short video tutorials to include. It’s all pretty easy to make, promise. If you aren’t a regular ’round these parts and can’t find the tutorials, leave a comment asking for them and I will get you the link.


Make LEGO brick cake plates with wrapping paper and foam for a LEGO birthday party
Add fun details to your LEGO birthday party with square plates and LEGO coasters
A LEGO coffee mug is the perfect way to display utensils at a LEGO birthday party

And if you thought the LEGO food ideas were easy, prepare yourself for the cake walk that is the decorations. I started with a LEGO coffee mug because… coffee. And then I bought LEGO coasters and shot glasses because I wanted all the things. I had no idea what I was going to use them for but I HAD TO HAVE THEM.

Party tip: To make LEGO brick cake plates/risers… wrap an empty box in a solid color and glue foam circles to the front side of the block. No fancy tools required.


Kids table at a LEGO birthday party
LEGO brick party favor boxes for a LEGO birthday party
What to give kids at a LEGO birthday party
Party favors for a LEGO birthday party include- a LEGO brick crayon, gum, and a small box of candy

In an effort to be practical and play up the LEGO theme, I picked up these storage containers at my local dollar store and filled them with LEGO brick crayons, LEGO brick gum, and small LEGO brick containers of color coordinated M&M’s. Michael’s reaction to the crayons was priceless so don’t be surprised if you see more fancy crayons popping up in future parties. He even took some to school for show and tell.

And I make no promises that your oldest child won’t hoard the giant number months after the birthday party is over. Not that my Michael would display the oversized 1 on his toy chest and shut the door to his room so his brother can’t accidentally knock it over…

Party tip: Just like with the LEGO food, I have another post dedicated to the LEGO party favors pictured above. Not only have I taken the pictures, if all goes well, I should have a few short tutorial videos. Yanno… for extra charm.

Party things I wish I would have known about while planning Maverick’s party:


Easy ideas to help you throw a fun LEGO birthday party for small children

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