LEGO KidsFest

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Playing in the giant pile of Duplo blocks during LEGO KidsFest in Novi, MI. #LEGOKidsFest

Remember when I told you about LEGO KidsFest? Maybe? How about you humor me and say you have a vague recollection. Puh-leeze?


LEGO® KidsFest is probably our favorite PR event because LEGO blocks sort of consume our life. For real. You will find them in every corner of our home, except the toilet. (Knocks on wood.) During this year’s fest, Daddy Michael aged back to the ripe age of 10, and Michael filled in his bald head with hair! Actual hair!

LEGO Kidsfest is for kids of all ages (including adults). #LEGOKidsFest

From the moment Michael woke up, to the second we set foot inside, every other question was about going to ‘The Duplo House’. The time leading up to our journey to Novi was a healthy dose of precious and irritating. Parents, you know what I mean.

Why? When? Why? Why? When?

LATER! We will go to The Duplo House LATER! Like, after you take a nap! Good gravy.

Playing in a Bucky made of out of Duplo blocks during LEGO KidsFest. #LEGOKidsFest

Where do I even begin?

Thing 1 and Thing 2 bounced from one area to the next like the intro to Glee. I must say, I welcomed the scatterbrain-like movements, even if I barely had a moment to process each LEGO block creation because LOOK AT BUCKY! Seriously. Coolest thing ever.

Cousins cruising in a car made out of Duplo Blocks during LEGO KidsFest. #LEGOKidsFest

There was a lot of monkey see, monkey do.

LEGO KidsFest has blocks for boys and girls. #LEGOKidsFest

There was even a bit o’ princess action.

Playing in a shark during LEGO KidsFest. #LEGOKidsFest

And I can’t forget about the point where Michael’s (Little, not big. Although…) brain stopped working because the joy of OMG – LOOK took over.

This is SO cool.

NO! This is cooler.


Star Wars fans rejoice! R2D2 and others were everywhere you looked at LEGO KidsFest. #LEGOKidsFest

This was her first year and she was beside herself with delight.

Relaxing in the TV area at LEGO KidsFest in Novi, MI. #LEGOKidsFest

Bean bag chairs and a big screen? Yep, LEGO KidsFest has it.

Taking a toddler to LEGO KidsFest is exhausting but totally worth it. #LEGOKidsFest

Michael’s face says it all. Taking a toddler to LEGO KidsFest is fun, but that fun doesn’t come without exhaustion. Ha! Make sure you are well rested because you will find yourself chasing your wee one around as they try to decide WHICH COOL THING to do next.

It’s worth every minute of it.

Until next year!

Future LEGO KidsFest Tour Stops

  • Calgary, AB, Canada | May 16-18, 2014
  • Georgia | June 27-29, 2014
  • Texas | August 29-31, 2014
  • Virginia | October 3-5, 2014
  • Indiana | November 7-9, 2014

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