I am finally cruising through my yellow birthday party stuff! It was a scorcher on my birthday so ice was out of the picture when I was thinking about how to keep my drinks cool. Of course I was browsing Pinterest when I stumbled upon a genius ice cube idea! I used lemonade instead of water but you could really use whatever liquid that you want.

I just sliced my lemons and put a piece in each cupcake hole. If you made them thinner you could add different fruits to it to really spice things up but simple was better for me. I was thinking that this would be a great way to keep my sangria cool as well!  Get creative with your combinations for endless possibilities!

I made up the lemonade according to the package and filled each hole with some lemonade and one lemon slice. I let my tray freeze overnight so I knew that they were good and frozen. First I flipped the pan upside down and ran some hot water over it to loosen things up. Then I pounded it on the counter and my cute little ice cubes fell right out! Easy Peasy!

I stored them in a plastic bag in my freezer and took some out when the other ice cubes had melted. It really was a great party idea! Everyone thinks that you are the smartest person alive and you know that you were just cutting a corner!  Think about it, the lemonade wasn’t diluted from the melted ice and you didn’t have to make more lemonade because you got more every time your ice cubes melted! That right there is what I call a win-win situation. ?

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