If you want to learn more about me you should take a minute to check out the Horrible Housewife about me page.  I am not a new Blogger but I am a reborn Blogger because I have seen the error of my previous ways!  I started out blogging over at Mallery’s Deals years ago and before that my free version of Mallery’s Deals.  Coupons are great and I sure do love them but I dislike blogging about them anymore.

My passion is just being… ME.  The qualities that I embrace about myself might be ones that you wish weren’t yours and I am just fine with that.  The difference between Michael and I is that I don’t let the pressure of society tear me down.  I do what makes my Son happy and then what makes me happy and life is just that much easier!  You should try it because you just might like it.

I guess if you can’t relate to my outlook on life then it will make you feel very good about yourself.  However you interpret my life is A-OK with me but I promise that you will be entertained because I am a funny gal.  You can find me on social media (@HorridHousewife & HorribleHousewife)  at all hours of the day because I love it.  I will chat about anything and you can pretend I am wearing whatever you want but don’t let me know that you are a creeper. HA!

Starting a blog over is scary and running two is even scarier but we are only afraid of the unknown.  I love chaos and maintaining two sites is going to be work but I accept the challenge.  Picture me with my foot on the rock with my sword pointed to the sky. RAWR!

And if you were wondering what the party was that I referenced.  Today I turned 25 and my present was launching the newest chapter in my life.  WOOT!

See you tomorrow!

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