Who says treasure hunts are only for kids? I like treasure and I sure as heck like stalking the beautiful bounty that comes with a treasure hunt. Maybe I am confusing beautiful bounty with random people on Facebook? I like to think of the random stalking as more of a ‘catching up’ with people I will never talk to in real life. ?

Good Cook Touch Treasure Hunt

How would you like to go on a treasure hunt with a glass of wine in one hand while sitting at home on your duff? I thought your ears might perk up for that one. I’m about to rock your world much like my big girl knife giveaway did because this treasure hunt will have $1,000 in prizes. Please tell me I’m not the only one that gets all hot to trot over kitchen utensils.

I am? Now that’s a little depressing! Haven’t you ever heard of the smile and nod method? You could have at least tried to make me feel better about my quirk! You need to understand life gets a little crazy when a girl goes without nice things for so long. Cra-ZY!


Heck yes for a Touch flex turner and Touch slotted spoon! I know I am incredibly lame for tossing a heck yes out there over kitchen utensils, but CHEA! Two of you wannabe cooking show stars are going to win some fancy schmancy utensils. Cool, right? I’m glad to see you are starting to understand my obsession with kitchen utensils before the treasure hunt even starts. Some people might say I also have an obsession with light bulbs. I don’t believe them. Those people don’t know what they are talking about because everyone is secretly in love with LEDs.

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Stay tuned for more Good Cook giveaways, clues and incentives!

I was provided with my own prize pack in exchange for my involvement with the Good Cook Blogger Outreach Program. All opinions and crazy kitchen utensil obsessions are my own.

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