Show me a blogger who has pretty pictures and I will show you someone who stresses about the perfect lighting situation. We cry a little inside if we can’t get pictures during the golden daylight hours and have to resort to… wait for it… night photography! A blogger’s living room might also look a little like the picture above, or it could have a softbox, or two, set up. You know, because a living room was meant to be a makeshift photography studio. Isn’t that how it works? That’s what I tell Michael anyways. ?

I am still a HUGE amateur when it comes to photography. One day, when I grow up, I want to have fancy things and take drool worthy pictures that make people lick the screen when they see my latest recipe picture. A girl can dream..

I get incredibly annoyed at the yellow hue some light bulbs cast on the subject of my pictures. I probably wouldn’t be so annoyed if I was better at editing the pictures and/or had more time in my day to edit them. The odds of you editing your pictures are pretty high, regardless of your fancy camera, unless you are a professional photographer and way better than me. (That’s not too difficult.)

This is where my photography science project with GE light bulbs comes into play. I went to Walmart to pick up a bunch light bulbs and found out GE makes energy efficient lighting that gives off more of a daylight hue (think blue) versus the warm, yellow hue that traditional energy efficient light bulbs give off.

 Note: I’m shooting using a Nikon D50, a Sigma 28-300mm f/3.5-6.3 DG Macro lens, and an umbrella lighting kit from CowboyStudio.


See what I mean about the difference in color from the different GE light bulbs? I was STOKED to see the daylight energy saving light bulbs did exactly what I wanted them to do. Althought, the daylight picture looks a little ‘flat’ to me, a quick levels adjustment is all it needs! I felt like the energy efficient soft white light bulbs (bottom left) didn’t produce as bright of a picture as the CFL


Check out the pictures now! The daylight picture (top) required fewer steps during the editing process because I didn’t have to adjust the white balance much at all. (Please disregard the shadows in the pictures. This wasn’t a ‘how to use lighting umbrellas’ science project, it was a colored bulbs project.) I am beyond thrilled to replace my lamps with daylight energy efficient light bulbs!

Score for night time bloggers everywhere!

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