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Party ideas to help you throw a MARVEL Avengers birthday party on a budget

Welcome! If this MARVEL part doesn’t tickle your fancy, be sure to check out all of the other superhero parties I have put together for you. I’m sure you will find something fantastic!

I think I am alone with this logic, but Michael gets two very different birthday parties when his day of birth doesn’t fall on the day of his birthday party. Between the bounce house, food, and activities for the children, his Saturday soiree will run me right around five times as much as his day of birth party. Five times as much and the stimulation is so intense that he ends up saving his quality interactions for people brave enough to enter the bounce house.

And we all know how well moms do in bounce houses…

Which is why I want to show the interwebz how to throw an intimate shindig that will still fall under the ‘Pinterest worthy’ umbrella for no more than $150. Trust me when I say it is possible.

Budget note: Before we begin, I want you to be aware that your budget will vary depending on the cost of the food items you purchase and the number of guests you invite. 


Bruce juice is an easy drink for a MARVEL Avengers birthday party

Since I’ve been working on the characters’ real names with Michael, I opted to spice things up with a bit of Bruce juice. (Tutorial to come SOON!)

Budget tip: If you don’t own the purple tape, you will have to allot $4 of your party budget to buy some. You can achieve a similar look with purple paint.

Steve Rogers waters wrapped in red, white, and blue tape at a MARVEL Avengers birthday party

Which led into Steve Rogers water.

Tony Stark bark at a MARVEL Avengers birthday party

Make Tony Stark back out of red chocolate, pretzel pieces, and gold chocolates

I whipped up some Tony Stark bark.

Budget tip: You can save on the bark by trading the gold chocolates for little, yellow chocolates. Yanno, the ones with that one letter and cost about $3 a bag instead of $7. 

Thor popcorn at a MARVEL Avengers birthday party

And saved some of the red candy melts for the Thor popcorn.

DIY tip: The round food labels and the small, round Thor came in the room transformation kit that I will talk about in the breakdown at the end of the party plan. The big Thor came in the table decor kit.

Black widow cupcakes for a MARVEL Avengers birthday party.

We enjoyed some Black Widow cupcakes. (Tutorial to come SOON!)

Hulk dogs and chips at a MARVEL Avengers birthday party

With a main course of Hulk dogs and chips. Simple food helps keep the food budget (AKA the most expensive part of many party plans) in check.

DIY tip: My super rad boxes are made out of … wait for it… napkins, glue, and empty shoe boxes! I know, right? It’s pretty straight forward, but I will share the tutorial with you SOON!


Happy birthday banner for a MARVEL Avengers birthday party

Hanging decorations for a MARVEL Avengers birthday party

Ideas to keep you on a budget while planning a MARVEL Avengers birthday party

Buying pre-made decorations will either help your budget or put you in the poor house. It’s all in HOW you use the decorations. The MARVEL party supplies by American Greetings includes a stellar happy birthday banner, and the twisty, swirly things were in the room transformation kit I mentioned earlier. Just wait, we will use everything from the kits and your party will look fabulous!

Easy to make paper straws for a MARVEL Avengers birthday party

I’m pretty proud of this idea because you can keep it to the idea of paper straws, turn them into cake pops, fruit skewers, whatever you can think of. All you need is a color coordinated paper straw, a pair of scissors (or a hole punch), and the small, confetti circles from the table decor kit.

  • Fold the circles in half.
  • Make two small cuts in the circle.
  • And slide the paper straw in the holes.


It's easy to decorate your treehouse with superheros for a MARVEL Avengers birthday party

Playing with dangling decorations at a MARVEL Avengers birthday party

Create a superhero jungle gym with hanging decorations

With the character cutouts from the room transformation kit, and the swirly-majigs from the swirl decor kit, I was able to turn his treehouse into a superhero treehouse. Which is the coolest when you are four.

Party favor station at a MARVEL Avengers birthday party

Party favors for a MARVEL Avengers birthday party

Let’s talk party favors for a minute. The budget I am about to breakdown for you is for FOUR children. Why? Because the bracelets come in packages of four. The rest of the items used in the party favors come in sets of twelve, so just add $3.47 for each additional group of four.

Party table for a MARVEL Avengers birthday party.

Now that you’ve looked at the entire party plan, let’s discuss the finances. Since I know how stressed out people can get while planning a party, I created a printable party planner for you. You can pick the blank one, or you can print out the one I used for this party. Whatever helps you get the job done. I’m here to help ya, remember?

Waiting patiently for his MARVEL Avengers birthday party.

At the end of the day, Michael loved both of his birthday parties. Children are pretty awesome like that. What is your child’s favorite part of a birthday party?

Shopping for American Greeting party supplies at Walmart

  • All of the MARVEL party supplies are from the American Greetings line at Walmart.
  • All of the prices I used for the budget breakdown are based on the prices at Walmart.
  • All you need is one store, my worksheet, and no more than $150. (Less if you are hosting a birthday party for fewer than ten people.)


Party ideas to help you throw an amazing MARVEL Avengers birthday party for your child without breaking the bank. These ideas make it possible to stay on budget

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