I love my mom. She taught me what it means to be selfless in a world of greed. She gives whatever she has to offer, even when you can’t imagine she has anything left to give. I don’t know how she does it, but she does, and is one of the reasons why our family is blessed. Girlfriend is the best thing since sliced bread.

Which is why I wanted to give her something, on behalf of the family, that would make her feel special. Something she could get excited about that wasn’t a grandchild. Something all about HER. Something to show her how much she means to everyone.

That’s right, folks! Momma bear got herself a fancy pants masquerade party with real linens and surprise details.

Special Occasions, offering full service linen and chair cover rentals serving mid Michigan, provided the linens for my masquerade party. That being said, our family began using their linens way before I started planning this party, so you know it’s legit.

Add personal touches to your masquerade party with old pictures of the guest of honor

So, how do you plan a party outside of your home? And, more importantly, how do keep the to-do list easy enough that a 38+ week pregnant woman can do most of it flying solo? That, my friends, was my biggest challenge. I’m not known for taking breaks, and I sure as heck don’t ask for help!

Except I did this time. Planning this birthday party was definitely a family affair.

Chair covers and linens from Special Occasions turned this masquerade party into an event the birthday girl will never forget


I went with a lot of the party supplies we had on hand. You know, because our basements are frequently confused with party warehouses.


  • Linens- Special Occasions
  • Gold chargers– Dollar Tree (Note: Chargers are available to rent from Special Occasions. Only crazies with forgiving husbands need boxes of chargers in their basement.)
  • Champagne flutes- Dollar & Party Store
  • Red striped favor bags- Target clearance
  • Venue- Sharky’s Sports Bar

Chair covers and sashes from Special Occasions in Flint, Michigan

Let’s talk about linens for a minute, mmmkay? Table linens and chair covers have the ability to take your party from drab to fab with little to no effort. No joke. You can save some dinero by doing the work yourself, or pay a little extra for them to deliver, set up, and take everything down. It’s your call but, if I were to get married again, I would totally let someone else do the work. I don’t recommend relying on your soon to be husband to take care of your last minute details list. Know what I mean, Gene?

Decorate the tables at your masquerade party with masks and beads

I dressed up each table with black masks and beads for a few reasons: guests will forget their dress up gear, guests won’t want to dress up until they arrive, and lacy numbers give the table a bit of classy sex appeal. Think Marilyn, not Pamela.

Dessert table for a masquerade party


The initial plan was to surprise mom with all of her favorite dishes so she could gorge herself into her favorite fat pants like her daughters. Except… that sooo didn’t happen. The venue changed hours before the event was scheduled to begin, forcing me to trade her fried chicken for pizza. Bar pizza.

Which shrunk the menu to her favorite cupcakes, sugar cookies, and a cake for my sister. Priorities, amirite?

I couldn’t forget about my other guest of honor. Her cake was crawling with dinosaurs and she wouldn’t have had it any other way.


DIY 50 made out of pictures for a masquerade party

Don't forget the little details at your masquerade party

I cut the 50 out of cardboard and attached the pictures with teacher’s putty.

Note: I used putty in an effort to preserve the pictures.

Easy red centerpieces for a masquerade party

Red mask and mesh centerpieces for a red and black masquerade party

The centerpieces were a breeze to make. You need: masquerade masks, tall vases, dowels painted black, floral wire, and red mesh.

  • Roll a piece of mesh up and carefully insert it in the vase.
  • Cut three 2ft pieces of mesh.
  • Pinch the center of the each piece and wrap it with a piece of wire.
  • Arrange the three poofy sections by sticking the wire nubs in the vase.
  • Hot glue the painted dowel to the back of the mask and slip it into the middle of the vase.

Don’t worry if the centerpieces have a little wobble to them. Wobble is okay unless your guests are throwing each other into the tables. I mean, I guess that could happen, but it’s highly unlikely.

Red party favors full of the guest of honor's favorite things

The party favors were bags of my mom’s favorite treats (burnt peanuts, peanut M&M’s, and Mr Goodbars). Minimal effort for a party planner in touch with what the guest of honor enjoys. I’d be lying if I said she didn’t confiscate the extra bags at the end of the night.

Mission birthday gift- annihilated!

In addition to the embarrassing 50, I scattered more OMG pictures on the table. Giving the party more meaning and the guests something to look at.

How to set up a cheap and easy DIY photo booth

And then we partied. I built a DIY photo booth with my black backdrop, fun props, and my camera on a tripod. It’s a great way to collect memories and give the kids something to run around with. I am a firm believer in getting pictures whenever the family gets together.

Encourage your guests to dress up once they arrive at the masquerade party

You know your family is the bomb diggity when they dress for your theme like mine did. There is nothing worse than a room full of fuddy duddies.

Masquerade party centerpieces and table decorations

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