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I can’t believe it’s time for the Michigan Renaissance Festival (Ren Fest) again! Each year my cronies geek out HARDCORE for Ren Fest because we like to pretend we are adults in an effort to fit in. Yanno, a lazy ‘mommy blogger’, an aspiring photographer; that’s just how we roll in the 8-1-0.

The 2013 Michigan Renaissance Festival is open weekends and Labor Day 8-17 until 9-29 #michrenfest

My bestie, Lindsay, is cooking up our costumes right now, right as I type these very words, because we bring the heat to Ren Fest. We don’t just go to Michigan Renaissance Festival, we GO TO Michigan Renaissance Festival! Heck, Lindsay brought an array of fairy wings to the media party because it is sacrilege to step foot inside the gates without wearing SOMETHING.

And yeah… I sort of enjoy when I can wear an outfit that flatters my postpartum breasts. Just sayin’!

Break out your costumes and fairy wings because dressing up is half the fun of the Michigan Renaissance Festival! #michrenfest

You see, Ren Fest is a magical place. Not only is Ren Fest a place where people volunteer to ‘perk up’ your fairy wings, it’s chock-full of snark and dry humor. Ren Fest is like the mothership pulling me into her sweet embrace.

Enjoy family friendly games at the Michigan Renaissance Festival #michrenfest

Let me elaborate on something before you start flipping out and questioning whether or not you will bring your kid with you. Ren Fest is SO family friendly! Kids have plenty to do as their parents enjoy the wenches and jousts, all while staying out of the stocks. Totally kidding. If you go to jail you usually have to embarrass yourself to get out and you can blame your jail time on your friends because they paid to put you there. By that time, hopefully, you should have had enough to drink and being embarrassed doesn’t even cross your mind.

The Michigan Renaissance Festival is fun for all ages #michrenfest

I’m excited. My crew is excited. My husband pretends he is excited. My kid has no idea what he is excited for. We’re a jolly good time so if you are hitting up the festival during pirates weekend, FIND ME! Look for the gang of pirates being led through the masses by a 2 year. 

There is a new game to challenge your skills during the Michigan Renaissance Festival #michrenfest


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