Mike and Ike Cookies with a Mike and Ike Vodka Glaze

Mike and Ike Cookies {Infused Vodka Glaze}

Are you ready for a Mike and Ike cookies recipe? It’s no surprise there isn’t a Mike and Ike cookies recipe to be found on the interwebz.  It’s sort of the same situation I ran into with my Mike and Ike flavored vodka. I swear I come up with the weirdest ideas when I stay up too late. I sat there staring at the boxes of Mike and Ikes I was sent, begging them to tell me what to do with them. It ended up being a glorious 2 am prophecy!

Here’s how you make Mike and Ike cookies

I spilt the box of candy in half so I would have Mike and Ikes inside my cookies and a delicious glaze to top the cookies. That is, until I realized Mike and Ikes don’t melt like I thought they would. And then it hit me! Why not make my glaze from the infused vodka I made! Say what? We have a world class genius on our hands

Note: Use your favorite sugar cookie recipe for these cookies. Because I’m anal about the presentation I used a rolled sugar cookie and cut them into perfectly round circles.

Making the glaze is as simple as mixing vodka and powdered sugar in a small pan, over medium heat. I stirred the cup of vodka while adding powdered sugar until it was a spreadable consistency. (I used about 2 1/4 cups of sugar) Then I used a pastry brush to coat the tops of my cookies and let it harden before indulging in my sweet treats.

They were so good that Michael made me make a second batch so I didn’t waste the vodka glaze! It worked out because he cleaned the kitchen the second time around. Awwwww!

I received boxes of Mike and Ikes in order to facilitate my review. All opinions, pictures, and recipes are my own.

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