Mike and Ike Flavored Vodka Recipe Tutorial

Mike and Ike Flavored Vodka

Have you heard of Mike and Ike flavored vodka? Me either. The idea of Mike and Ike infused vodka wasn’t born until I was sent some retro Mike and Ike® flavors to write about. The evil scientist set up shop faster than it takes a drunk girl to fall down on the dance floor. I know you aren’t surprised to hear booze motivates my lazy mouse to start running on her wheel!

How to make Mike and Ike flavored vodka

It’s simple to use a box of Mike and Ike® Cherri and Bubb®; and a box of Mike and Ike® Lem and Mel® to fancy up some boring old vodka for under $5. The most labor intensive part infusing this vodka is sorting the flavors into different glasses.

Note- I think the lowest cup had 38 pieces of candy and the highest cup had 44.

Next I added a cup of vodka into each glass and said the chores could wait because it was way past my bedtime. (The evil scientist only operates between the hours of 10pm and 2:30am.) Can you believe Michael slept in until 10:30 am? Whoa! That means after 10 hours they were almost ‘melted away’. Sure enough, my sniffer was greeted  with the sweet smells of watermelon, lemon, bubble gum, and cherry. Score one for the evil scientist’s infused vodkas!

I can’t take credit for the way I filtered out the white stuff shown here. I am going to make you go see the other candy vodka tutorial for that step because I’m all about giving credit where credit is due. ?

Which flavor will come out on top? Let’s find out! <~ Said in my announcer voice.

After a long 21 hours, the winner is…

Mike and Ike® Cherri!

Ps: Make sure you check out the Mike and Ike cookies recipe when it goes live 3/18/13! I used the vodka as a glaze for them. ?

As always, drink responsibly and be sure to give me credit when these Mike and Ike flavored vodkas dance all over your tastebuds, or kicks you on your rear. I like when people have a good time. I was sent boxes of Mike and Ikes in order to facilitate my review. All pictures, opinions, and recipes are my own.

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