I’m roasting Katy from Modly Chic for this year’s Social Fabric virtual gift exchange! Thank goodness her elf told me nipple clamps were off limits because, yanno, I’m far from a classy broad.

So, my roastee was a little concerned that you guys would think the things I was saying about her were true and she wanted me to pull this post. That would leave a hole in my calendar and no one likes an unfilled hole. The post stays put. So were the things I said true? Nope. I was doing this up roast style, saying outrageous things hoping you guys (and she) would think I was hilarious. So just to be clear, I’m trying to be FUNNY here. The things I’m saying are NOT TRUE. Well, it is true she should stop using LA Looks. That shit sucks. But otherwise, it’s all A JOKE. (Added 12/21/2013)



Moskato Life wouldn’t be my first choice for a casual drinking ‘wine’ because… well… it’s a a malt beverage. That means it SUPER sweet. Moskato Life is extremely affordable, coming in around $7. It’s the perfect transition between those ‘I’m hangin’ with the big dogs malt beer things’ and a big girl panties wine. I think I will run out and buy another bottle for Christmas morning mimosas! Oh yeahhh!

Roasting Katy from Modly Chic for the Social Fabric virtual gift exchange

There are several secrets to giving a good speech. You won’t find any of them used here.

Nah! I’m not remotely close to the published author Katy is. I fight the totes magotes urge each and every post because I hang out with cray cray besties who are… let’s just say… poor influences. Except in the fashion department!

Speaking of fashion… We’ve all seen people who dress like Katy before. But we usually have to pay admission.

Katy is what the blogging industry experts call a fashion blogger. But the burning question we are all wondering is- do you really own each and every article of clothing, or do you return it after your outfit of the day? Just sayin’. We’ve all read that post floating around the interwebz about fashion bloggers. 

I could absolutely see it! I mean, she and her family started out with nothing… they even still have most of it left.

With that said, I think she hit it the concept of going without over the fence, out of the park, she could crawl the bases the ball has traveled so far! Family really does trump material items any day of the week.

And since we are talking about days of the week… she has one simple motto: If at first you don’t succeed at your 30 by 30 bucket list, create a list of 101 in 1001.

Well, that’s one way to think about checklists. I decided to make my own for 2014, it includes dumping a different beer down the drain for 365 days. The task of purging gagarific beer from my life is pretty darn important to me!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw she believes in a balanced diet of marathons and beer: a beer in one hand and water in the other. Or is it a beer in between her teeth? You say potato, I say potata.

But for real, she hardly touches the stuff – bloodshot eyes are not what you would call fashionable. Or, is that why she sometimes builds her outfit around accessories?

I think she needs to move into the wonderful world of wine by embracing the fuufuu drink that is Moskato Life and coconut M&M’s!

But you have to admit she grows on you… like her leggings and booties outfit.

Ba dum tsk!

In closing, I’d like to leave you with one thought… but I’m not sure you have anywhere to put it because the LA Looks you love has dried out your brain.

Girlfriend. Girlfriend, girlfriend, girlfriend. Get your hands on the Curvaceous line by Redken because LA Looks makes my curls cry for yours. 

You should take a minute and say hello to Katy because she is pretty legit!


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