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Some women love nesting. They find pleasure in tiny booties neatly lined up on a nursery shelf. Their nurseries look like the Pinterest board they crafted before it was remotely time to squat over a pee stick. They proudly display the beauty of pregnancy on their wall by means of a belly cast. They were destined to be a mommy, and a fabulous one to boot!

I, on the other hand, was not wired this way. Do you know where I nested with Michael? In the overgrown yard of my newly purchased, foreclosed on home. I was 8 months pregnant and finishing anything past painting the walls of our soon to be nursery was so not on the agenda. I cared more about how to get the baby out of my mammoth uterus than I did where I would put said baby once it was out.


 Snowball watches over Michael as he naps. #MotorolaBabyMonitor

One might think, being the mom of a 3 year old, I would have my game face on this time. I don’t. I am currently 28 weeks pregnant. Which means I start visiting my lady bits doctor every two weeks. AND THAT means I need to break out the lawnmower and go to town on the leg hairs that have been growing for the past 3 months. Except… I seem to have grown quite fond of my soft ankle biters.

 This is what the nursery of a woman who is awful at nesting looks like #MotorolaBabyMonitor

It’s like I learned nothing with my first tiny human. My nursery is still in shambles. Not even remotely habitable, shambles. I spend my days shopping for super cheap diapers under the notion that the doctor approved me for light gym activity… FINALLY! I mean, the 9 pounds I gained last month had nothing to do with the Double Quarter Pounders, or the doughnuts, or the Hot Pockets, or…

Trust me, I know bed rest is no longer an excuse for the ridiculous amount of weight I seem to be acquiring these days.

The Motorola Baby Monitor is helping me feel prepared for the arrival of my second child #MotorolaBabyMonitor

Even though I spend my days worrying about the number of migraines in my immediate future, I can shout from the rooftops that I OWN A MOTOROLA BABY MONITOR! Yes, me! My new gadget makes me forget about everything we have yet to accomplish. No screen door this time ’round. No more unnecessary trips to the nursery ‘just to be sure’. Nope. I will remote pan, tilt, and zoom from the privacy of my royal throne whenever I am needed. Unheard of, right?

Night vision on the Motorola Baby Monitor #MotorolaBabyMonitor

Sure, right now I use the infrared night vision on my Motorola Baby Monitor to spy on Bandit’s late night hunting antics, but one day… one day the 3.5” screen will be full of real offspring. The kind of offspring with the same DNA. The offspring who will benefit from two-way communication and lullabies.

That is, if I survive the final, glorious weeks of pregnancy. Let the countdown begin!

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