My Favorite Keyword Searches of 2012

Horrible Housewife 2012 Keywords Search Terms

The keyword searches that bring people to Horrible Housewife are HORN-larious! <~ That word will make sense in a minute. Let me start things off and keep things clean by sharing some of the ‘normal’ keyword searches I get.

  1. Michaleen Schensky
  2. Star Wars baby shower
  3. Horrible Housewife
  4. When should girls start to shave
  5. Star Wars fabric

Sometimes I sit here and come up with ‘scenarios’ for the people who are Googling these phrases. We have the creepy old man, the pedophile, the horny teenager, and the adulterer. Buckle your seat belts as we go on a journey through the perverse minds of people around the world! (Just click the picture if you need it bigger.)

Most of the keyword searches are horny people

Perverts are like vampires, with those enchanted sunlight rings, walking among us and you don’t even know it! They are EVERYWHERE and sit at home ‘researching’ their preferred fantasy. Foot fetish? Check! Oral sex tips? Check! Neighbor in love with the wife next door? Check!

People be crazy!

Horrible Housewife 2012 Keyword Searches- Horny Housewives

People are looking for horny housewives

I had no idea there was a market for housewife porn when I started Horrible Housewife! I guess I could make some and prove to the world I really am the horniest housewife ever? Don’t people realize I wear a shirt, yoga pants, and a robe ALL DAY, every day? That has to be far from the sexy vision they have in their head.

Lindsay Decker is a porn star

This one cracks-me-up! I get hits on one of my BFFs’ name, Lindsay Decker, combined with dirty words all of the time! It is always something to do with her name and porn, or her name and naked. Apparently there is another Lindsay Decker out there that is into kinky, porn stuff; or Lindsay is just a closet freak. Hmm… I can totally see her having a secret sex side to her.

Horrible Housewife 2012 Keyword Searches- Multiple Sclerosis Porn

Multiple Sclerosis porn?

Multiple Sclerosis porn blows my mind! Seriously, who puts those two together? Is it the walker or the wheelchair that gets your blood racing? Do you have a hard time keeping it in your pants when you know she can’t run away because she is hooked up to an IV? Does my drop foot make my junk in the trunk will just the way you like it? Weirdos!

Happy New Year!

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