Green Tea from Bigelow Tea is Part of My Get Healthy Mission

My Mission to Break it Down on the Dance Floor

I admit green tea hasn’t been apart of my life for very long. I wasn’t a cradle tea drinker, nor did I require a tea stash in college. Bigelow Tea came into my life when my online family started working with them. (At least I’m honest!) Keep in mind this is exactly how I have developed all of my shopping OBSESSIONS *cough* Sears and e.l.f. *cough*.

I know I’m a sucker for peer pressure, but this was a different kind of peer pressure. I went to my neurologist and told him about my recent green juice adventure, as well as, my journey to become a Paleo household. He knows how much I want this Paleo diet to heal my body. It NEEDS to work. I am demanding it to get better. My Multiple Sclerosis HAS to calm down. I am on a mission to break it down on the dance floor soon. I want to act a fool with my cronies.

He was shocked at the amount of changes I had made and realized how serious I was about getting the beast that is Multiple Sclerosis under control. So he made a recommendation I hadn’t thought of yet. He said, “You should drink green tea.” As I sat there and processed his recommendation I thought about tea for the first time in a very long time. And then I realized, I would drink the water from the toilet tank if he told me it would make the lesions heal. I would do anything to ride a bike, stretch my legs, or finish my MS walk without developing drop foot.

And this is where it gets dicey. Do you realize how many brands of tea there are at the grocery store? Do I pick the cheapest? Do I go with the pretty packaging? Do I buy what the shopper next to me is grabbing? Those are things I would have pondered had I not already been influenced by my online family. No, for me it was a different shopping experience. I walked into the aisle, scanned for Bigelow and in the cart it went! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Green tea has to help

That my friend is how Bigelow Tea will help influence the post I write for you about how exactly I healed reduced my symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. It will happen… mark my words, it will happen.

This was written as an entry to win a trip to Bigelow Tea’s Charleston, SC Tea Garden! I don’t need to explain that these are my own opinions. These are my own experiences with MS. And you bet your bottom these are my own pictures.

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