How to make ocean cupcakes with an ocean wave cupcake wrapper and sugar sand

Once upon a time, before the days of Pinterest, my very best friend made me a pirate cake for my 20th birthday. It was full of blue frosted waves, brown sugary sand, and the pirate crew from Pirates of the Caribbean. It was the perfect cake for a swashbuckling good time.

Avast ye!

I said before Pinterest. I’m talking June of 2007. As in, we were on the party scene back when Myspace was cool.

Oh. My. Stars.

I’m working with Silhouette America to create cutesy party details so you pin all the things. Go ahead and pin your heart out, folks!

Paper umbrellas to decorate ocean cupcakes

It all started with my luau party.

What kind of cupcake do I make? Luaus are full of coconuts, palm trees, sand, hula dancers, seashells…

Except, my party had a palm tree cooler, coconut centerpieces, and seashell table decorations. I was stumped. I had the sand part locked and loaded, but the hamsters were working overtime on the rest of the ocean cupcake.

Silly hamsters.

At this point, I had two options:

  • Go shopping and buy inspiration.
  • Pillage my overstuffed craft room and save a doll hair or two.

The craft room was clean when I began my search.

It was not when I found my stash of paper umbrellas. It was completely ransacked.


Filling my piping tool with blue frosting for the ocean cupcakes

Start by filling your decorating thingiemabopper with blue frosting.

Piping blue frosting on the ocean cupcakes

As you scroll down, you will see that the frosting does not have to be perfect.

Adding brown sugar sand to the ocean cupcakes

Add a bit of brown sugar ‘sand’ for the beach.

Using a knife to create waves on the ocean cupcakes

And rough up the ocean waves by pressing a knife into it a few times.


Accidently dropping the ocean cupcakes to create waves

… you want some wicked cool waves.

For more of a stormy sea look, flip the cupcake upside down before you add the brown sugar.

I totally planned the tutorial this way. It’s not like my ocean cupcakes were top heavy and tipped over.

My reaction with I tipped my ocean cupcake over

I lied.

Let me introduce you to my son of a biscuit eater face. Interwebz, meet the face that can tell no lies.

Dropping them is messy. Dropping them will drive your husband bonkers. If you think about it, dropping them is even sort of wasteful.

But they look cool.

So, so cool.

Using a Silhouette Portrait to make ocean wave cupcake wrappers for ocean cupcakes

Next, I used my Silhouette Portrait to cut wave cupcake wrappers out of ocean scrapbook paper.

For real.

This machine is the best thing since sliced bread. Goodbye waiting weeks for Etsy sellers to get me my goods. Sayonara skipping the cutesy party details because the turnaround time on a party gig is too tight.

Hello bomb.com party plans!

Wrapping a wave cupcake liner around the ocean cupcakes

The hardest part was figuring out if I should put the wrapper together before or after I decorated the cupcake.

Party planner problems.

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