I mentioned recently that I am on the board of my HOA and we are putting in a community garden so I volunteered to make our garden markers! It might be for selfish reasons but I just might be ready to marry my Painters Paint Pens!

The supplies are simple:

  1. Spray paint
  2. Painters
  3. Paint Sticks
  4. Spray sealer

I went to Home Depot for some paint sticks.  Lucky for me that they kept their sticks on the counter and the paint guy was in an aisle helping a customer because I needed about 20!  Once I hijacked my sticks I grabbed a .94 can of white spray paint for the base color and I recommend that you buy 2 cans if you are doing 20 or more sticks because the back of my sticks are just barely white enough.

It took a lot of coats to cover my sticks and my finger really wasn’t happy with me!

After I covered the sticks with my spray paint I traced out my design idea with a pen.  Keep in mind that if you are using a light color you will be able to see the outline.  I am not the best artist nor do I have a steady hand but I think in this instance random is fitting.

I picked my colors, filled in and traced my design how I wanted them.  When I was finished with that I sprayed them with a sealer just to be safe.  These are really easy to make but I don’t want to remake them because of the weather!

The best feeling was when Michael saw them finished for the first time and said, “These turned out so good babe!  You did a great job!”  Awww!

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