DIY purple paper lantern tutorial for a dark romance Valentine's Day tablescape or purple party.

Okay, so I’m working with Oriental Trading on a bitchin’ dark romance Valentine’s Day tablescape and you know me, my brain can’t process a simple party plan. It’s like I was hardwired for chaos, or something. So, yanno, I put together a paper lantern chandelier for the focal point of my party.

Because that’s what normal people automatically do…

Paper lantern chandelier tutorial- {Step 1} Spray paint the circle black.

This craft is so flippin’ easy that I almost feel silly explaining it. That’s how I felt until I realized I could craft in my ass backwards kind of way (because it isn’t sponsored with rules and sheeeit) and people will read it. Maybe?

I think I’m a craft blogger for lazy crafters… OR I just feel better about myself knowing there are other lazy crafters out there. Yes. That works. Just accept that answer because we don’t have time for a therapy session.


  • Black spray paint
  • Quilt hoop (I would have purchased a hula hoop had I been at a store that sold them. Quilt hoops at Joann Fabric and Craft Stores will run you about $6, but that’s what you pay when you are in a one stop shop sort of mood. Aiyiyi!)
  • Purple chevron lanterns
  • Purple paper lanterns
  • Purple string/yarn/whatever you feel like using

 Step 1- Paint the hoop black. 

Supplies needed to create a purple paper lantern chandelier for your next party

Can you guess what the next step is? It’s like the tutorial is writing itself.

Step 2- Cut the yarn into 24 inch pieces.

Why 24? Because 24 inches allowed me to dangle the paper lanterns at the right height and keep the hoop out of the pictures.

Purple paper lantern chandelier tutorial {Step 3}- Cut 24 inch pieces of yarn and tie them to the circle.

Step 3 is by far the hardest step in this tutorial. I mean, bunny ears or loop, swoop, and pull? Seriously.

Step 3- Double knot the string so it hangs on the hoop and attach the hoop with the hook on the paper lantern.

DIY purple paper lantern tutorial for high impact, low cost party decorations

And there you have it, folks. My tip for this entire project is… don’t let your husband hang it! If you let him hang it you will end up with some physics nonsense when something as simple as 4 points of contact works just fine. Men!

I don’t understand the male brain… when it comes to projects. I know ALL ABOUT the male brain when it comes to other activities!


Paper lantern chandelier tutorial for a dark romance Valentine's Day tablescape

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