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Your grill is the perfect spot to hang a festive banner and set out food and drink #Arbormist #StartSummer #Ad

You guys, spring has finally sprung in Michigan and people everywhere have taken up their favorite warm weather activity again… bicep curls. Hooray for our new source of salt water! Kidding. The heat is miserable and still very much welcomed after the subzero weather we endured last winter. Winter takes the fun out of wine-o-clock.

With Memorial Day coming up, and my itch to begin socializing again, I wanted to share a beautiful patio party chock-full of libations and easy grub. Ain’t no party like a Schuplin party, cause a Schuplin party is stocked!

Forgive me, I’m feeling frisky.

Shall we begin?


Create a lazy susan out of a cake plate and a tin for the middle of your patio party table #Arbormist #StartSummer #Ad

Let’s talk about how hot teal and coral is this season. For real, guys, it’s everywhere! An accent color that pairs well with this season’s colors but isn’t everywhere is chartreuse. It’s on you if disregard my warning. Unless you need an excuse to shop. Get on with your shopping habits!

Just don’t tell your spouse it was my idea. I get in enough trouble as it is.

Setting the table for a coral and teal backyard patio party #Arbormist #StartSummer #Ad


  • Pick out a tablecloth you can’t live without.
  • Skip any sort of charger and go with a placemat, in an accent color.
  • Find ombre plates because you can’t find plates with solid colors in the exact shade of coral and teal. (I’m anal. So, so anal.)
  • Place a colorful napkin on said plate, and top it with silverware. (Plastic makes patio parties a million times easier.)
  • Find and/or make the cutest wine tumblers because nobody wants their neighbor’s cooties.

Complete the table for your backyard patio party with fun wine glasses #Arbormist #StartSummer #Ad

Arbor Mist is a great, light drink for any backyard patio party #Arbormist #StartSummer #Ad

Just make sure your guests know they are not the party favors. Personally, I would go with more of a bottle of a water and an aspirin party favor.


Drink responsibly, ya lushes!

Easy idea for creating a lazy susan for the middle of your table #Arbormist #StartSummer #Ad

I could NOT figure out a cool, new way to serve food to save my life. Until I went on a ‘I need inspiration’ shopping trip. Inspiration shopping is absolutely a thing.


I put a boring, clear cake plate in the center of my table and placed a color coordinated tin/container/whatever you want to call it on top of it. This gave the table a pop of color and raised the food up so it was easier for the guests who like to graze without committing to a chair to reach.

Add some flair to your backyard patio party with a fun doormat #Arbormist #StartSummer #Ad

Oh, and a new mat is a yearly expense.


Put bottles of Arbor Mist in a tin full of ice so your party guests and serve themselves #Arbormist #StartSummer #Ad

It doesn’t matter if your party decorations are on point, if your party lacks food and drink, it’s going to flop. End of story. I stocked our patio party to the brim with a variety of Arbor Mist: three types of moscato, a merlot, and their new lime Arborita.

Lime and cilantro chicken and wine glazed sugar cookies are perfect for any backyard patio party #Arbormist #StartSummer #Ad

Speaking of Arbor’s Mist’s Arborita, there is a recipe below for the lime chicken pictured above. It was full of flavor. It was easy to make. It was the perfect party recipe.

Note: A post featuring the wine glazed cookies will be coming soon! Until then, bring 1/4 cup of your favorite wine and 1 cup of powdered sugar to a boil. Stir the boiling mixture until all of the sugar has dissolved. Finally, allow the sugary goodness to cool before brushing it on your favorite sugar cookie recipe. 

Grilled potatoes, hummus, and fruit make great side dishes for lime chicken #Arbormist #StartSummer #Ad

I wanted to pair the lime chicken tenders with something easy to eat, easy to prep, and just as summery as the flavor of the chicken, so I picked berries, hummus, and potatoes. It was the right combination for the grazers and those of us who prefer to eat our food from a plate. Everyone was satisfied.

Skip the fancy wine glasses and serve Arbor Mist in a fun, plastic wine glass tumbler #Arbormist #StartSummer #Ad

Even the hostess/grill master was satisfied. (That would be me.) But then again… I was standing right next to the wine and cheese. It’s pretty hard to feel unsatisfied when the wine is one shake and shimmy away.


Marinating the chicken tenders with Arborita from Arbor Mist #Arbormist #StartSummer #Ad

I made two batches of this recipe because I had 3 pounds of chicken. I could explain why I split it in half but the reason has no effect on the outcome. Some things are better left unsaid. Ha!

  • Start with 1.5 pounds of chicken tenders in something you can marinade the chicken in. (e.g. a bowl or a sealed bag)
  • Pour in a 1/2 cup of lime Arborita.

Chopping up the cilantro for the lime chicken marinade #Arbormist #StartSummer #Ad

  • Give some fresh cilantro a rough chop.
  • Add 2 heaping tablespoons of cilantro, 1/2 tsp of pepper, and 1 tsp of salt to the bag.
  • Coat the chicken tenders until you are satisfied.
  • Place the marinade in the refrigerator for a minimum of 3 hours.

Grilling the lime chicken tenders for our backyard patio party #Arbormist #StartSummer #Ad

  •  Grill the chicken tenders until fully cooked. I cooked my chicken about 10 minutes per side BUT who’s to say your chicken will be the same size? Invest in a meat thermometer and thank me later.

Now get out there and party like it’s 1920! Get it? Prohibition?


Be sure to enter the Arbor Mist Summer Sweepstakes and visit the Simple Entertaining Social Hub for more great entertaining ideas.


Party ideas to help you plan the perfect backyard patio party #Arbormist #StartSummer #Ad

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