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Paw Patrol party ideas

Michael George (My first true love. The apple of my eye. My first born son.) is FIVE years old! He’s reached the point of wanting to do 95% of everything on his own, but will NOT go to bed without mom snuggles. He can read basic sentences, and do simple equations, but he will NOT start his day without a hug and a kiss. He has matured so much in the past year that I sometimes forget he is still a small child. That is… until he farts at the table or doesn’t rinse all of the soap out of his hair.

Let’s be real, though. He is forever testing the boundaries, landing him more chores, like every other tiny human out there frolicking in the sun.

I swear, just when I’ve reached my breaking point, he reaches out to help me stand up when I’m struggling; he chastises me when I try to do ‘one more thing’ instead of resting; he asks me when my legs will “work again” because he cares. The kid melts my heart more than he realizes.

So I show him the best way I know how, and plan him amazing birthday parties full of his favorites. (I’d be lyin’ if I said I didn’t enjoy seeing our friends and family all in one place. Parties are my love language.)


Paw Patrol themed party lights tutorial

Which got me thinking about a few easy DIY party items to do his party right without disrupting the only room in our home unscathed by our kitchen renovation.

(Note: I totally did disrupt the family room but it was only a teensy weensy corner, and only because Maverick played with the mountain of toys every chance he got!)


Easy tutorial showing you how to make Paw Patrol party lights out of paper cups

  • Remove the globes from the strand of lights.
  • Using your box cutter (or scissors), cut a hole large enough to stick the light bulb in the bottom of each paper cup.
  • Insert a light bulb in each cup and replace the globe.
  • Hang and enjoy!

Paw Patrol themed 'Please keep the door closed' sign

No party is complete without a clever sign reminding people to keep the door closed, so I downloaded this font to use on Paw Patrol stationery.

Paw Patrol themed 'happy birthday' banner

How to decorate a Paw Patrol themed birthday party

Between utilizing Paw Patrol themed party supplies from American Greetings, and the Paw Patrol toys I was gifting Michael for his birthday, decorating the party was a breeze.


In fact, the second tutorial is easier than the party lights above and uses the thank you cards that never actually end up in the mailbox, despite our best intentions.

How to make a Paw Patrol banner out of thank you cards

Easy banner tutorial using Paw Patrol themed thank you cards

  • Using a hole punch, punch two holes (roughly above Chase’s ears) in each thank you card.
  • Weave twine/string of choice (I used white cotton string.) through the holes, repeat for each card.
  • Trim the string so it fits the table, and space the cards appropriately.
  • Attach the banner to your table however you see fit. (I used blue duct tape.)

How to use Paw Patrol toys to decorate the food table at a Paw Patrol themed birthday party

Centerpiece idea for a Paw Patrol party

Using more of our mountain of Paw Patrol toys, each table was decorated for each pup. Red for Marshall, blue for Chase, etc. Easy enough.


Paw Patrol party food-pupberries and pupermelon

Paw Patrol party food- puppy chow

Paw Patrol party food- puperoni pizza

Paw Patrol party food- Farmer Yumi's crop (veggies)

Paw Patrol party food- 'fetch sticks' (pretzel sticks)

Paw Patrol party food- pupcorn

Paw Patrol party food- pup treats

Drinks at a Paw Patrol birthday party

The party menu was a tad more difficult to dream up. The whole not having a kitchen part of my life forced me to be extra creative. In the end, we ate: puperoni pizza, pupcorn, puppy chow, pupberries and pupermelon, Farmer Yumi’s crops, pup treats, tea, lemonade, water, and…

Paw Patrol party food- Pupcakes (Paw Patrol themed cupcakes)

Mandy the Monkey hanging around the Paw Patrol cupcakes

… pupcakes! Which, of course, I picked up at Walmart with the rest of the food the night before the party.


'Thanks for coming to our pawty' party favor sign

Fun Paw Patrol party favors

I may never understand the thrill of a blowout but the kids seemed to love their ‘doggy bags’ full of little trinkets from American Greetings.


Paw Patrol themed bath toys in the pool

Hidden Chickaletta at a Paw Patrol party

Chickaletta hanging out above the swings at a Paw Patrol party

The kids bounced, climbed, gorged, and swam until the pool transformed into what can only be described as mulch soup. All while I watched people point out the Chickalettas that were hidden throughout the yard. It was great!

Shopping at Walmart for American Greetings party supplies and birthday cards

Not only did we find a bunch of Paw Patrol themed party supplies, American Greetings had a card for every event Michael wanted to celebrate this summer. Like, his cat’s birthday. We found a birthday card for his furbaby and Granny, and an extra fun birthday card for Papa, in addition to the Paw Patrol gift bag and wrapping paper, and tissue paper. We’re set for the rest of the summer.

I’m trying my best to teach him why birthday cards are so important, so I made him read each birthday card before he opened the gift portion of the present. I wanted him to slow down and appreciate the card so he isn’t crushed when the day comes where he only receives a birthday card. I believe my exact words were, “One day all you will get for your birthday is a card and a cake.”

Have you had that chat yet?


Paw Patrol birthday party ideas and tutorials

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