I made this peachy black tea drink recipe with Sweet’N Low as part of a series of sponsored posts for Socialstars. #SweetNLowStars

Peachy black tea drink recipe made with Sweet'N Low. #SweetNLowStars

It’s summertime and you know what that means… PARTIES! Parties all day, every day! Wahoo!

OK, maybe just on the weekend, but still.

I have been feeling especially boozy with all of the wedding hustle and bustle going on this summer, so I have a extra tasty drink series coming your way. Like, go buy a gallon of rum because they will all contain fruit infused rum. Oh, and they will all be delicious. Just sayin’…

This peachy black tea cocktail will be served to the guests, who happen to be 21+, of Michael’s birthday party this weekend. Dudes. His party is in FOUR days! FOUR DAYS! Ermahgerd!

Making peach infused rum for a peachy black tea drink recipe. #SweetNLowStars


  • 16oz Black Tea Infused with Peach
  • 6oz White Peach Schnapps
  • 6oz Whiskey
  • 6oz Peach Infused Rum (Let peach slices sit in a jar of rum for about a week, pictured above.)
  • 3oz Simple Syrup (Dissolve 8 tsp of Sweet’N Low in 1 cup of boiling water.)
  • Fresh Peaches, for garnish
  • Fresh Mint, for garnish
  • Blackberries, for garnish
  • Ice
This peachy black tea drink recipe is the perfect party cocktail. #SweetNLowStars

The beauty of this peachy black tea drink recipe is found in its ability to morph into whatever you are in the mood for. Straight peachy? Yes, sir! A minty, berry twist? Whatever your heart desires! Let’s face it, you might wake up feeling peachy, but once 5 o’clock rolls around… you are ready for a minty shock to the system. It happens to the best multi-taskers out there.

Simply muddle whatever combination you would like to try before pouring the peachy goodness into your glass.

Not to mention, guests can design their own cocktails based on their palette and mood. It’s brilliant, I tell ya!

You can turn peachy black tea into 3 different cocktails simply by muddling different ingredients into your glass. #SweetNLowStars

Now, I know the blogosphere is full o’ skeptics, so I thought I would break down each version of my peachy black tea.

Straight peachy- This version is sa-weet! I know the fellas will veto a ‘foo-foo’ drink, but it is flippin’ tasty and perfect for a girls night. Like, sit me down with a pitcher and play video games all night, tasty. Isn’t that what all girls do during girls night?

Minty fresh- The mint gave the peachy black tea a refreshing kick. Think about a cocktail you would enjoy on a hot summer day.

Blackberry mint- This one is the best of the fruity and minty worlds because the peach base makes it sweet, the blackberries inject a dash of tartness, and the mint gives it a refreshing finish. Oh, and it is easy on the eyes.

Which version of peachy black tea would you choose #SweetNLowStars

There you have it, folks. Which version of peachy black tea would you pick?

And one more thing before I sign off!

I used 8 teaspoons of Sweet’N Low in my simple syrup, versus 1 cup of sugar, because I am trying out a few drink recipes that are a little more diabetic friendly. And the fresh fruit totally counts towards my daily serving of fruit, right? I vote yes! After all, it is summer and summer means there is an abundance of party food and drink every time you turn around. Your waistline is cool with the substitution. Promise.

Cheers until August!

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