Horrible Housewife Disclosure Statement for my Jockey Bra boob fetish

Stuffed burgers are a pretty cool concept if you have the proper gadget. Didn’t you know a good gadget makes the world go ’round?

Now that we are on the same gadget page, let’s talk  about a Burger Stuffer. Not many people are able to resist the melty goodness cascading from the warm center of a burger. (For the record, I wanted to say oozing but thought better of my word choice for a food post.) I’ve been on a big pineapple wrapped bacon kick so naturally my choice of stuffing was of the Hawaiian persuasion. Ooooo, fancy words!

Warning- I can’t stage a burger to look appetizing to save my life so please disregard the visuals in this post. Kthanks!

Pineapple and bacon stuffed burger


Slicing burger buns for a pineapple and bacon stuffed burger

Let me introduce you to gadget #2. Meet the Cast Iron Grill. Oh my freaking goodness! No need to put clothes just to grill a stuffed burger anymore. Nope, you don’t have to go outside to grill because you can grill right on the stove with this thing. Why am I just now finding out about this? I’m in love!

Head over to Good Cook and cast your vote (AKA vote for mine because you love me long time) for a chance to win 1 of 10 Burger Stuffing kits. And if you find a gadget you HAVE TO HAVE, like now, don’t forget the 25% off coupon code– BurgerLovers.

Now I’m naturally not a jealous person (yes I am) and want you to see the other burgers in the contest (no, no I don’t) so you can get a bunch of stuffed burger ideas. But so help me, if you cheat on me, I will cry. I will cry big salty tears because I like gadgets, especially kitchen gadgets.

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