“I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Millennial Central for MY M&M’S. I received product samples to facilitate my pink and gold bridal shower and to thank me for my participation.”

Pink and gold bridal shower ideas with plenty of glitter and sparkles. #ambassador #sponsored

I never thought, even in my wildest dreams, I would ever utter the words you are about to read. At first, every fiber in my body slowly deteriorated as I planned this pink and gold bridal shower. I cried silent tears as I spent my hard earned doll hairs on pink glitter, and curled up in the fetal position whenever I walked past the VERY pink box of supplies.

I feel like this party was my forced midlife crisis. My come to Jesus meeting, if you will.

Pink and gold bridal showers should be full of glitter and feminine accents. #ambassador #sponsored

There was a point, after all the crafts were completed, that I sat at the table and just admired my work. I fell in love with my PINK party theme. I was smitten. I wracked my brain for hours trying to figure out the point I fell, but it was a hard and fast fall.

Speaking of… I should probably ice my bruised tailbone.

Light pink, dark pink, and gold personalized M&M's make easy pink and gold bridal shower decorations. #ambassador #sponsored

It’s no secret that details are my everything. I want guests to come in with a WOW and continue their WOW journey as they uncover each and every tiny detail. Everything from the bowl of personalized M&M’S, to the perfect bridal shower favor. Finding a party planner with OCD as fierce as mine means every speck of glitter has a purpose.

I guess that means you should sit down with your wedding planner, party planner, etc. and ask about their OCD? You know, because anything less than perfect makes us twitchy.

Create personalized wedding shower favors for a pink and gold bridal shower with MY M&MS, pink or gold nail polish, and pink nail files. #ambassador #sponsored

Let’s talk about the bridal shower favors for just a moment, mmmkay?

I scoured so many stores looking for the perfect nail polish colors. I didn’t want janky looking colors, but I also didn’t want to spend more than $1 a bottle for a party of 50. Which is why I encourage you to visit every stinkin’ dollar type of store and Big Lots in your neighborhood because you never know what type of gem you will find.

This is a great place to save on your budget if you can’t swing the polish and files. MY M&M’s has bags of bulk M&M’S and various packaging options, so you can still send your guests home with a unique party favor regardless of your cash flow.

A great favor for a pink and gold bridal shower includes a pink nail file, pink or gold nail polish, and a small bag of pink and gold M&M's. #ambassador #sponsored

I ended up going with

  • $1 nail polish
  • Pink organza bag filled with personalized M&M’S
  • Pink nail file
  • All placed inside a larger organza bag with gold hearts.

Decorate a bottle of blush cocktail with pink and gold glitter for a pink and gold bridal shower. #ambassador #sponsored

I decided on a blush cocktail because it was the only blush with a gold wrapper and, you know, details.

Gold glitter champagne flutes trimmed in gold sprinkles with a blush cocktail are perfect for a pink and gold bridal shower. #ambassador #sponsored

You see, I wanted my glasses to be gold, with a blush drink, rimmed in gold sprinkles. I mean, it only makes sense, right?

I thought so.

Cotton candy frosting and gold details make the perfect cupcakes for a pink and gold bridal shower. #ambassador #sponsored

Do you see a pattern? Pink charger, gold charger, pink frosting, gold details. Is there any other way?

The answer is no.

Little details make a pink and gold bridal shower special. #ambassador #sponsored

Make it romantic with words describing the couple and you, my friends, will have one happy bride-to-be.

Mirror trays make classy centerpieces for a pink and gold bridal shower. #ambassador #sponsored

I will be 100% honest with you, the centerpiece on this table was crafted from items Michael’s grandma passed down to me. If you want the vintage, glamorous feel of hand mirrors and perfume atomizers, you better get to the thrift store because it is expensive!

What girl wouldn't want a classy pink and gold bridal shower with vintage perfume atomizers? #ambassdor #sposored

Pretty perfume atomizers are a solid $20 everywhere I looked. If you are planning a party for a bride that has her heart set on this look, see if you can talk her into having a special centerpiece for her head table. That is, unless she has deep pockets. You can have whatever pretties you want if you fork up the cash!

You can never have too much glitter and sparkles at a pink and gold bridal shower. #ambassador #sponsored

So, what do you think? Are my fellow pink haters swooning with me?

You better be!

Or not, it’s cool.


Pink and gold bridal shower ideas. Perfect for the girl in love with glitter and all things girly. The party is adorable! #ambassador #sponsored

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