This pink flamingo party was inspired by my partnership with Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Drink responsibly, ya lushes!

How to create a fun pink flamingo party

You know that feeling when you start holding better conversations with people under the age of five?

Yeah, me neither …

Motherhood hasn’t consumed my social life or anything. I still know how to get down with the get down.

And by get down, I mean a night of responsible drinking that doesn’t result in my toddler sitting in front of the boob tube with a container of animal crackers the next day. Not that I’m familiar with that either …

See, mom, it took me a while, but I’m nearly the lady you dreamed I would grow up to be. Hashtag lost cause.

Before this turns into some convoluted dear diary project, let’s talk about this wicked cool pink flamingo party. Ready?


Create a table centerpiece out of pink flamingo yard ornaments and a teal table runner

Create easy centerpieces for your pink flamingo party out of pink flamingo yard ornaments

Believe it or not, when I’m not in mom mode, I’m a funny girl. Sarcastic and just as entertaining. Which is why I thought a pink flamingo party would be a fun theme for party full of libations. Pink flamingos, guys!

And then I found out one of my friends has actual pink flamingos in her yard. And she plans on bringing them in this winter. We all know plastic flamingos don’t stand a chance against a Michigan winter.

I can’t make this stuff up. My friends are a riot. Goofy, but good people.

Pink flamingo lights make easy decor for a pink flamingo party

I can poke fun without guilt because I plan on adding these pink flamingo lights to my office. Right between the Minions and my purple tiara.

Birds of a feather …

Inflatable can coozies are a fun addition to a pink flamingo partyFlock!

We flock together just like the flamingos running off with my Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Silly flamingos, the Flavors of America variety pack is for overworked adults looking to unwind.

And no, I am not envisioning the flamingos saying, “Mine! Mine! Mine!” 

Just like I’m not sitting next to a giant Elmo and a Thor coffee cup.

Except …

Pink flamingo straws are another fun addition to a pink flamingo party

And what’s a party without fancy pink flamingo straws?


The answer you were looking for is boring.


Pasta salad, macaroni and cheese, and fried chicken are easy meal ideas for a pink flamingo party

Pink flamingo picks are fun for all ages

Our meal of chicken, pasta salad, macaroni and cheese, and fruit was a breeze to put together because dinners for backyard bashes with real life adults should be easy.

Pink flamingo cupcake wrappers are an easy way to add more decor to a pink flamingo party

Create pink flamingo cupcake wrappers for your pink flamingo party with your Silhouette

The flamingo cupcake wrappers, though?

Totally worth gluing on the tiny eyes and beak.

Mike's Hard Lemonade Flavors of America Party Pack is a great addition to your next pink flamingo party

Pick up a Flavors of America Party Pack from Mike's Hard Lemonade for your pink flamingo party

I bought the Flavors of America variety pack so we could dabble in a little of this and a little of that.

And yes, I had water and apple juice for the responsible drivers of the party and the beast of a child I call my own. My own that ended up in the bathroom halfway through his fourth glass of (non-diluted) apple juice.

Go inside, sweetheart, you’re cut off.

Sit back and enjoy your pink flamingo party

Pink flamingo parties are fun for all ages

Enjoy your Mike's Hard Lemonade responsiblyIt was a grand ole time full of giggle snorts.

Summer food ideas for a backyard pink flamingo partyOh, and hey, the Flavors of America variety pack slides right in the fridge so you don’t have to choose between storing fuel for your body and fuel for your sense of humor.


Party ideas to help you plan a fun pink flamingo party

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